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Reiki Connections Phoneline - Liz Watkin
For those members who prefer the telephone to the computer as a means of connecting with other community members, we now have a team willing to talk to anyone who would like a chat, especially if they don't have a local community in their area.
Please call our co-ordinator Liz on:  07398 500 159, who may also be able to put you in touch with others.
The Reiki Association is a community of people initiated into Reiki and is part of the worldwide Reiki family. The Association exists primarily to facilitate connection between people with Reiki so that they may share experiences, learn, support and find friendship with others who are exploring a life with Reiki.
If you are new to Reiki, or unfamiliar with it, we hope you will find all you need to know on our pages.
The TRA website, and particularly its interactive areas, has been mainly created for our members where they can take part in forums, post comments, send messages, join groups, organise shares, read about events, advertise or find a Reiki practice, classes or treatments.
For many, membership of TRA brings a valuable sense of being part of the wider Reiki community but if you are not yet a member, our main menu will lead you to all the public areas of this website including our Reiki Directory and Events pages. To join TRA, please go to our Sign up page.
As we mentioned last November, TRA is very pleased to support a new ground-breaking Reiki programme at a major London teaching hospital, St George's University Hospital NHS Trust, London.
It is progressing well, but we ask all our members to support this important and unique three-year programme that will set the bar for Reiki in medical settings.
This wonderful project needs YOUR help. Please GO HERE to read more....