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Members please log in first and return here to see a full list of all TRA contacts


Non members should contact General Enquiries on all matters except to contact Touch Magazine Editorial or Advertising staff


General Enquiries & Assistance - click here to email Jan Brown

Use this link if you need any assistance, and for general queries or further information about TRA, whether a member of TRA or not. If not a member you can ask us about joining The Reiki Association.
If you need to know who to contact within TRA, or wish to be contacted by us, please send us your enquiry.


For further details about making payments to TRA go here.

Helpline You can phone and speak to Jan Brown on 07704 270 727, or leave a message.
You can also send a text. Either way, we will be pleased to contact you back.
Membership and Administrative Secretary - click here to email Tripuri Dunne, or if not possible, call her on 01373 229732.
Membership & Subscription
Verification for Public Practice
Professional Practitioner Training Course Approval
CNHC Registration
The Reiki Directory

Use this link to ask us about any of the above services.

If you do not wish to use the online facilities provided on our websites for instantly joining TRA, renewing membership, and making payments you should send membership application forms, renewal forms, and all cheque payments (Payable to 'The Reiki Association') to:


The Membership and Administrative Secretary,
83 Marleys Way,
Ley Vale,
BA11 3NG.


For further details about making payments to TRA go here.

Reiki Connections Phoneline - Liz Watkin

For those members who don’t like computers and prefer the telephone as a means of connecting with another community member, we now have a team willing to talk to anyone who would like a chat who doesn’t have a local community in their area. Please call our co-ordinator Liz
on:  07398 500 159 who may also be able to put you in touch with others.

Reiki for Animals - Louise Peeters

Advice on giving Reiki to animals is available HERE, but further help can be obtained from Louise at

Bursary Enquiries - click here to email Tripuri Dunne

Use this link if you want to contact us about obtaining a bursary or for help in making payments affordable.
You can also write to Tripuri Dunne, the Membership Secretary, at the address above.

Touch magazine - click here to contact the magazine

Use this link if you wish to contact either the editor or staff of Touch magazine or the Subscription Manager. If you wish to subscribe to Touch magazine or read more about it, please click here.

The Reiki Directory - click here to email Tripuri Dunne

Use this link if you wish to contact the help desk of the Reiki Directory about an entry you already have, or are planning to make, or any other queries not explained in our FAQ page or guidance pages.

TRA Webinars - click here to email Kate Jones

Use this link if you wish to contact the Webinars team about a past or upcoming webinar. Upcoming Webinars will be advertised on our Events pages.

Shop Enquiries - click here to email Sandra Hunnisett and Rain McManus

Use this link if you want to contact us about orders placed, or items for sale in the TRA Shop, or those items which have been placed by TRA in the Classified section.

Reiki Outreach International - click here to go to the ROI Blog posted by Soyin Tang

You can add comment on the blog.

The Webteam - click here to email Brian Nolan

For any member who wishes to contact the WebTeam, perhaps if you are having problems using the website or wish to report items which are not working.

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Registration No.04026545 and its registered address is: 108 Augustus Road, London, SW19 6ER