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The Reiki Association and CNHC Registration
The Reiki Association is one of the verifying organisations who will ensure that practitioners who are to be registered meet the required standards. This is a service available to TRA members and all students of Alliance masters.


CNHC registered logo CNHC registered Reiki practitioners using the CNHC quality mark demonstrate to members of the general public and other healthcare providers that they conform to national standards of practice in their work.


Registered Reiki practitioners are able to display this CNHC quality mark on their current certificate, in their place of work and can also use the quality mark on promotional literature such as leaflets, headed notepaper and on their website. The CNHC quality mark provides an independent seal of approval to well-qualified, responsible professionals in the complementary healthcare field.


All Reiki practitioners who are CNHC registered are clearly identified in our Reiki Directory on this website.
Criteria for Entry to the CNHC Register
In order to be eligible to apply for CNHC registration all Reiki practitioners must:
  • have undertaken a programme of training that meets, as a minimum, the Reiki National Occupational Standards and the Reiki Core Curriculum.
  • or
  • have achieved competence to the level of the Reiki National Occupational Standards by means of relevant experience of at least 3 years and been assessed as having met those Standards
  • and
  • have confirmed that they do not hold a criminal record (including cautions), or notified CNHC of any such record for consideration by the Registrar prior to acceptance
  • have confirmed that there are no health issues that have an impact on their ability to practise
  • have confirmed that they have not been the subject of any disciplinary or civil proceedings against them in relation to their practice or have notified CNHC of any such proceedings for consideration by the Registrar prior to acceptance
  • hold current professional indemnity insurance
  • have agreed to abide by:
    The CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics
    CNHC's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy
    CNHC's Data Protection Policy
    Terms of use of the CNHC website

National Occupational Standards (NOS)
The National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements which describe what an individual needs to be able to do, know and understand in order to be safe and competent to practise. Skills for Health, an independent agency, is responsible for establishing National Occupational Standards (NOS) across a wide range of health care disciplines, including many complementary therapies. For more information please read:
CNH1 Explore and establish the client's needs for complementary and natural healthcare
CNH2 Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural healthcare with clients
CNH12 Provide Reiki to Clients.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
The aim of the CNHC's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy is to ensure that standards are maintained, whilst keeping requirements in line with existing professional association arrangements as far as possible.


You will now need to confirm at renewal that you have undertaken CPD activities over the previous registration year. CPD is not just about doing courses. Many people think that only formal courses or seminars count towards CPD but there are a wide range of activities you can include.


The Reiki Association organises and supports many workshops, retreats, training days and other events for its members which can be regarded as supporting professional development. Certificates for CPD can be provided.


Make sure you note down what you do and when. Registrants need to complete a CPD log for each registration year. It will be far easier to complete the CNHC CPD log as you go along.


Please note, you do not need to send your CPD log to CNHC when you renew, but you do need to complete and keep it. This is because CNHC will begin the first formal sampling of 10% of CPD log sheets in May 2014. Registrants contacted as part of the sample will receive a request for the CPD log of the last full registration year.


To learn about CNHC's Policy for Continuing Professional Development Standards, a guide for CNHC registered practitioners, please read more here. This will open a 20 page PDF which you can read online or download and save. You can also download a CNHC CPD log template here.


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The Reiki Principles
Just for today do not worry,
Just for today do not anger,
Honour your parents, teachers and elders,
Earn your living honestly,
Show gratitude to every living thing.
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