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Welcome to the September 2019 newsUpdate

With the summer holidays over and daylight hours getting shorter, autumn is clearly on its way. This time can bring about a renewed focus before we head into the festive season. 

August may have been a slower month for some, but at CNHC it has been busy as usual. As a result of feedback at our latest Verifying Organisations meeting, we have sent copies of our Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance to all the training course providers for whom we have contact details. We are also in the process of updating our training course provider powerpoint presentations and will be sending out new versions in due course.

As highlighted in last month’s newsletter, we recently published new guidance for CNHC registrants on Duty of Candour, Whistleblowing and Declaring unspent convictions. At the CNHC Board meeting in July, several updates were agreed for the Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance. These edits are all available on the digital PDF version of The Code, with full details below and on the CNHC website here

Next month we have elections for the Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu Profession Specific Boards (PSBs). If you are interested in providing expert advice to the CNHC Board and would like to get more involved with us, please do consider applying – details are listed below. 

Thank you all for your continued work on standing up for standards.

Best Wishes, 
Michael Watson
CNHC Chair


CNHC registrant volunteers with Paul's Cancer Support Centre
Raj Verdi, CNHC registered Massage Therapist, writes about her experience volunteering with Paul's Cancer Support Centre’s Home Visiting Service.

Read Raj’s blog to find why she is honoured to volunteer her services and what valuable lessons she has to share since volunteering for Paul’s.

Read Raj's blog

Paul’s are seeking volunteer CNHC registered massage therapists and reflexologists who can visit clients in their own homes to support people who are too unwell to travel to their Centre near Clapham Junction.

They match volunteers with clients who live near to their own homes or workplaces and ask that you give an hour a week plus travel time. All volunteers attend a free 9 session training course which starts on 5 October.

To find out more or to apply: visit, email or phone 020 7924 3924.

Please apply by the second week of September to ensure you secure a space.
Are your CNHC contact details up to date?
CNHC’s register is searched thousands of times on a monthly basis. As part of your registration with CNHC, your name, practice location postcode/s, phone number/s and website/s are displayed on our online register. It is important to keep your information up to date, so interested members of the public have the correct details to contact you.

If it has been a long time since you checked your details on our register, please login to MyCNHC and do so. You can update contact information including your home and practice address/es, email address, phone number/s and website. 

Check your details

Reminder for Profession Specific Board (PSB) Elections
The next round of Profession Specific Board (PSB) elections will begin on Tuesday 10 September 2019 for Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu. 

Profession Specific Boards (PSBs) are an important part of CNHC’s structure and ways of working. The members of the PSBs provide invaluable expert advice on issues such as the development of our policies and also allow members to be trained to sit on our Conduct and Competence panels. For more information about the role of a PSB member, click here.

On Tuesday 10 September, an email will be sent to the CNHC registered practitioners of each discipline setting out the full details and inviting them to stand for election. Candidates are required to set out in no more than 600 words how their background and experience meet our essential criteria using the Election Statement Template provided. 

Any registrant from Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu is able to stand for election to the relevant PSB, including those who are currently members of the PSB. 
View the election timetable
Updates to the CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance
Following newly published guidance and briefing notes for CNHC registrants, the CNHC Board has agreed the following edits (in italics) to the Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance. 

E3 Professional behaviour
You must avoid acting in a way that may undermine public confidence in the profession or bring the profession into disrepute.  You must notify CNHC at the earliest opportunity if you are convicted of a criminal offence or receive a conditional caution.

E4 Your own health and wellbeing
You must get and follow professional advice about whether or how you should modify your own practice when clients may be at risk because of your own mental or physical health.  You must notify CNHC at the earliest opportunity if you have a health issue that could affect your ability to practise.

E7 Safeguarding the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk because of abuse, neglect or self-harm
If you come into contact professionally with children, young people or adults at risk because of abuse, neglect or self-harm you must safeguard and protect their welfare.  You must find out about local procedures in your area and follow them if you suspect a child, young person or adult is at risk.

[Additional Guidance]

3.  CNHC registrants who are employed within the NHS or who volunteer at cancer centres, for   example, will have received an enhanced check by the Disclosure and Barring Service or a Protecting Vulnerable Groups certificate from Disclosure Scotland.  Self employed registrants can apply for a basic check by the Disclosure and Barring Service or Disclosure Scotland.  

Please also note that all references to ‘vulnerable adults’ have been changed to ‘adults at risk’ throughout the document.
View The Code
Private Health Cash Plans update
CNHC has recently reviewed the information on our Private Health Cash Plans document, which was first published last April.

Private health cash plans allow their payees to spread the cost of certain healthcare expenses, for a monthly premium. There are a variety of companies that provide policies with a range of benefits, which can include certain complementary therapies. 

The following providers recognise some of the categories on our register for reimbursement: Medicash, Westfield Health, Health Shield, Elect, Simplyhealth, Benenden, BHSF, UK Healthcare and Paycare.

There are also brokers, such as The Health Insurance Group, who work with Medicash and other companies to find plans for businesses and individuals. 
Download the document
Download a PDF of our newsupdate


Want to view or download the newsupdate as a pdf? Click here



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