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Welcome to the October 2018 newsupdate

It has been another busy month at CNHC as I am sure it has been for you as well. Many of us returned from summer holidays, children went back to school and we ‘hit the ground running’ as we got back into work mode.

Our registrants are doing some amazing work, and in this edition we have an article from Suzanne Fitzsimons who prompted Action Cancer, the largest cancer charity in Northern Ireland, to launch a ScarWork clinic for cancer patients. Plus, we have our latest blog from Tracey Taylor who has been working with the Scottish charity Circle of Comfort to provide free complementary therapy treatments to cancer patients. These stories show how much of a difference you all as CNHC registered health practitioners can make.

I am also delighted to see that we have several CNHC registrants shortlisted as finalists for the 2018 Complementary Therapy Awards. We are so proud of the work our registrants do, and it is wonderful to see their incredible work getting recognised industry wide. Our Chief Executive, Margaret Coats, will be attending the awards lunch on Thursday 18 October, and I wish all of the finalists the best of luck.

I am sure this month will continue to be another busy one, and I wish you all a successful one.

Best Wishes, Michael


CNHC registrant prompts Action Cancer to launch ScarWork clinic for patients
Suzanne Fitzsimons
Many cancer patients are often left with post-surgical scars following cancer treatment, as Suzanne Fitzsimons (formerly Malcom), CNHC registrant, is very familiar with. One technique that can support the scar healing process is called ScarWork. Suzanne has been involved with bodywork therapy since 1994 and qualified as a ScarWork therapist in 2015.

ScarWork is a hands-on therapeutic intervention which involves very light, non-invasive techniques including but not limited to, a combination of stroking, multi-directional skin stretches and digital or palm pressure applied to the scar site and immediate surrounding tissue. Care, consideration and sensitivity is paramount with those patients who feel vulnerable. This technique aims to guide the wound to return as close to pre-surgery architecture as possible.

In 2016, Suzanne approached Northern Ireland’s largest cancer charity, Action Cancer, to see if they would be interested in providing ScarWork treatment for patients who have required surgery following a cancer diagnosis. Action Cancer was set up in 1973 and provides support to anyone affected by cancer, including patients, family members and carers. After several months of planning, a clinic was set up at Action Cancer House in Belfast – and the response has been overwhelming! The objective results have been extremely positive from patients, and have included:

• improvement in movement of the joint/area that was previously restricted
• improvement in tissue quality and texture
• improved sensation at the scar site or surrounding area
• improvement in the appearance of the scar/surrounding area
• reduction in pain

In addition to the positive physical changes patients have experienced, they have also reported improvements to their mental, psychological and emotional wellbeing. The clinic at Action Cancer has grown extensively over the past 18 months due to the improvements experienced by patients. There is a high demand for this service and Suzanne is delighted to be a part of it.

For more information on Action Cancer, visit:

CNHC registrant helps cancer patients with Circle of Comfort
Tracey Taylor, a CNHC registered Massage Therapist, works with the Scottish charity Circle of Comfort to provide free complementary therapy treatments to cancer patients. Circle of Comfort was established by Roseann Haig in 2007, following her work treating cancer patients as a volunteer therapist at the hospice in Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline. Tracey has been truly inspired by working with the charity and is now on her way to becoming a fully qualified Cancer Massage Therapist.

Read more about her story in our latest blog here.

Focus on the CNHC Code  
Last month we highlighted Principle B, which deals with respecting clients’ rights to be involved in decisions about their care. For this month we will be reviewing Principle C, which concentrates on being an honest and trustworthy practitioner.

Principle C: You must justify public trust and confidence by being honest
and trustworthy

There are 7 parts to Principle C (C1 – C7). Parts C1 – C3 cover acting with honesty and integrity, refusing to continue care and establishing boundaries. Parts C4 – C7 are focused on advertising, use of titles / qualifications, conflicts of interest and financial records.
Each part of Principle C is listed below:

C1 – Acting with honesty and integrity
C2 – Refusing to continue client care
C3 – Establishing sexual boundaries
C4 – Advertising your work or practice
C5 – Use of titles and qualifications
C6 – Conflicts of interest
C7 – Financial records

The Code clearly defines all 7 parts including examples, circumstances, and guidance for principles C2 through C7. If you advertise your practice online or in print, we recommend you review Section C4 which discusses the importance of using only factual and verifiable information when advertising your practice and / or making claims. For further detail on this, The Code includes 8 points outlining what your advertising must not do. We also provide links to CNHC Guidance on The Cancer Act 1939 and CNHC Advertising Guidance.

Even if you feel very familiar with The Code and how you are advertising your practice, we recommend you review both regularly. You can find The Code on our website here.
To request a printed copy of The Code, please email or call 020 3668 0406.
View CNHC's Code of Conduct

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Stoptober is back

The Public Health England and NHS Stoptober campaign is back from 1st October. CNHC
is encouraging registrants to support this public health initiative by making patients aware of the variety of services available to help quit smoking. While Stoptober is a campaign in its own right, it now falls under the umbrella of the OneYou campaign, which encourages the public to make small and practical changes to enhance their overall health and wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy may help clients achieve behavioural change to stop smoking, and CNHC is encouraging the public to check our register if they plan to use hypnotherapy to support them during the campaign. We have also developed a press release for CNHC registered Hypnotherapists to approach local media outlets.

Find out more about Stoptober here.

New PSA leaflets available

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has produced a new leaflet that highlights key points from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and PSA Untapped Resources report, including that the Accredited Register workforce is well placed to help promote public health. It also uncovers the ways that Accredited Register practitioners are already supporting public health and explores the factors that prevent 
them doing more.

You can download the leaflet from our website here.


Download the P leaflet
We’re delighted to share that 8 CNHC registrants have made the shortlist of finalists for the 2018 Complementary Therapy Awards! The categories include a great range of projects and disciplines, all working to help patients regain and retain their health and well-being. The winners will be revealed on the 18 October at the Cumberland Hotel, London, where our Chief Executive, Margaret Coats, will be in attendance. We wish the best of luck to all the finalists.

View the shortlist here.
Want to view or download the newsupdate from our website? Click here

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