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Welcome to the July 2018 newsupdate

Summer weather is certainly in full swing and so is the event and festival season. CNHC has been very active over the last month attending and exhibiting at several events.
On Tuesday 19 June CNHC exhibited at ‘Reimagining General Practice’ at The King’s Fund, attended mainly by GPs. We met our aims to distribute CNHC leaflets, raise awareness of the CNHC Accredited Register, emphasise the GMC guidance on referrals to practitioners on Accredited Registers and distribute copies of the Royal Society for Public Health/Professional Standards Authority ‘Untapped Resources’ report.

We also exhibited at Health + Care at Excel London on Wednesday 27 June and Thursday 28 June. The event was attended by GPs, Clinical Commissioning Group leads, owners of Residential Care Homes and community nurses. It was such a successful event for us, and you can read more about this event in the newsletter below.

Then on Friday 
29 June we attended the annual Accredited Register conference hosted by the Professional Standards Authority. Margaret Coats, Chief Executive and Registrar, spoke on a panel discussing what can be done to overcome the current Public Health challenges. She then presented with Duncan Stephenson from the Royal Society for Public Health on the findings and solutions highlighted in the RSPH/PSA ‘Untapped Resources’ report. 
If you are CNHC registered and have upcoming events and would like to distribute CNHC leaflets, please do email us or ring us 020 3668 0406, as we would be happy to send you a supply free of charge.

Best Wishes, Michael

Launch of the first NHS Natural Health School
Last month the NHS Natural Health School opened its doors at the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre in Harrogate. The school is the first of its kind and was created in response to complementary therapy services frequently being unavailable to cancer patients, despite the positive physical and emotional benefits.
Sarah Grant, CNHC Board Member and Macmillan Patient Information and Health and Wellbeing Manager, was directly involved with this fantastic achievement. The school is a charitable fund enterprise with all profits being reinvested into the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT) Charitable Fund’s Complementary Therapy Service. (Registered charity no 1050008).

The school provides complementary therapy diplomas and CPD courses that will uniquely include practical placements and clinical supervision within the NHS. In addition to a range of regulated ITEC Level 3 courses, a unique ‘NHS Certificate in Complementary Therapies’ has been created for complementary therapists already qualified at Level 3. This course provides an opportunity for those who wish to develop and expand their skills with cancer patients to the standards required by NHS organisations.

These transferable skills can be applied across a range of therapies and services, focusing on clinical governance and the mandatory training required to work safely in a clinical environment. Students will need to achieve set competencies during 100 hours of clinically supervised practice directly within healthcare settings. Once graduated with a Level 3 qualified practitioner, an NHS endorsed complementary therapist certificate will be awarded which not only supports the capability for employment within the NHS but earns the right to a place on the school’s enhanced trusted provider resource list.
It took years of planning and organising to get the school up and running, including the rigorous process of ITEC Centre approval. Sarah Grant reflects on the work undertaken: “during the past four years we collected clinical and anecdotal evidence which demonstrate categorically the positive and considerable impact Complementary Therapy can have while patients face the varying and often debilitating treatments and surgeries associated with cancer. We know therapies alleviate pain, reduce stress and combat anxiety.”

We are delighted with this wonderful achievement and wish them success.

For further details on the NHS Natural Health School visit:
At the launch of the NHS Natural Health School (from left to right): Jean Williams, Julie Crossman, Sarah Grant, Kush Kumar, Christine Armstrong, Matthew Mackaness and Gwyn Featonby
Focus on the CNHC Code  
CNHC’s Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance provides the framework for professional practice across the sector.  The current version of the Code was developed and implemented four years ago and sets out for clients the quality of care they are entitled to receive from registrants.  This month we will begin the first in a series of articles which will highlight each section of the Code. Next month we will look at Standard A, but first we’ll have an overview of the Code as a whole. 

CNHC’s Code includes the six key principles that apply to all UK healthcare professionals:
  1. Respect clients’ dignity, individuality and privacy
  2. Respect clients’ rights to be involved in decisions about their care
  3. Justify public trust and confidence by being honest and trustworthy
  4. Provide a good standard of practice and care
  5. Protect clients and colleagues from risk of harm
  6. Co-operate with colleagues from your own and other professions
These principles apply to all registrants and set out the standards which registrants will be measured against should we receive a complaint about them. The Code provides guidance and advice to help registrants meet these requirements
The Code aims to be a day-to-day resource for all registrants, no matter the context in which they practise. There are important areas of the law that apply at all times to all registrants, and The Code includes specific details of the relevant law to help practitioners understand how it affects them.

View CNHC's Code of Conduct
CNHC Exhibit at Health + Care 2018
On Wednesday 27 June and Thursday 28 June CNHC exhibited at Health+Care 2018. This event was held at ExCel London and was a great opportunity for CNHC to engage with colleagues from across the NHS, residential care homes, charities and the voluntary sector. 

CNHC was well placed near the Improving Care Pathways theatre, which enabled us to engage with GPs, Clinical Commissioning Group Leads, care home providers, health charities and community nurses. The CNHC booth was busy from open to close both days of the event. We spoke to hundreds of attendees over the two days and followed up with leads and enquiries the week after.
Below is a list of what we achieved:
  • distributed 120 RSPH/PSA reports 
  • distributed over 300 CNHC leaflets
  • received 7 requests to post a supply of CNHC leaflets and posters to a GP surgery or residential care home
  • obtained over 70 email addresses of those interested in receiving our monthly newsletter
Overall, we felt the event was very successful and we were pleasantly surprised with how willing and interested the attendees were in learning more about CNHC and what we do.
CNHC stand at Health+Care 2018
Guidance on using the CNHC Quality Mark
If you are a CNHC registered practitioner, you are only permitted to include the CNHC Quality Mark for the discipline / disciplines you are registered for.  The CNHC Quality Mark can be used on your website and publicity materials, but please note that use of the CNHC Quality Mark in relation to any disciplines for which you are not CNHC registered is a breach of the regulations governing its use. 
View Quality Mark Guidance
Are you proud to be CNHC registered?
If you want to help spread awareness of CNHC and your practice locally, then we want to hear from you!  We are expanding our Local Champions network and are looking for eager CNHC registrants to help spread the word about standing up for standards.   If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with Carolyn Watson, Communications Manager by clicking the button below.
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CNHC's newsletter was launched in November 2009. It is sent electronically to all registrants who have an email address and all those on CNHC's contact list.

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