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CNHC Chair Michael Watson


“You’ll remember that in January I set out my New Year message in which I invited you to think about your vision for the year. A lot has happened since then as we know and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly things can change.


That creates both challenges and opportunities so I always think it useful to take a moment to step back, review progress and to think about where we are going. Mid-year seems to be a good time to do this and I encourage you to do the same.


As ever here at CNHC we have been working hard to keep complementary healthcare, and in particular CNHC registrants, at the forefront of policy thinking and decision-making.


Last month we submitted our response to the Charity Commission’s consultation on how the law on charitable status applies to organisations that use or promote complementary and alternative medicine. When we posted this on our Facebook page it reached over 46,600 people. You can find out more about our response in this newsletter.


CNHC was also represented at the second roundtable meeting with NICE Deputy Chief Executive, Professor Gillian Leng and again you can read more about this important issue below.


I’m also delighted to see that we had a very good meeting with our Verifying Organisations recently. Thank you to everyone who attended that meeting, as well as for your commitment to standards and the hard work you put in during the year.


I am proud of the work we are doing and if you are registered with us you can feel proud of being part of what we do as well. I always make the point that our registrants volunteer to Stand Up for Standards and that says something about who you are.


On that point – applications for this year’s Holistic Business Awards are now open and I know we have so many wonderful practitioners on our register, so why not apply? (Details below.)


I wish you well in the coming months and as we enter the summer season do hope that you manage to have some time out as well.”

CNHC participates in second roundtable meeting with NICE Deputy Chief Executive

On 30 May 2017 CNHC was represented at the second roundtable meeting held this year with National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Deputy Chief Executive Professor Gillian Leng. This was a useful discussion at which NICE’s Director for Centre Guidelines provided details about what NICE looks for as evidence when developing or reviewing NICE guidelines.


This was another very productive and constructive meeting and we appreciate the steps NICE is taking to enter into dialogue with the complementary healthcare sector, facilitated by the Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM).


You can find out more about the January 2017 roundtable meeting in our
CNHC February 2017 newsupdate


How to get involved in research

NICE relies on research evidence when deciding what to include or exclude from its recommendations. If we want complementary health care to gain wider recognition then we need more research. As individual practitioners it is possible to support work in this area by getting involved with the Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM). You can find out more here:

CNHC Verifying Organisations come together


CNHC Verifying Organisations carry out the important work of checking the initial eligibility of practitioners who want to register with us. We currently work with 49 Verifying Organisations and we were delighted to meet with representatives from these organisations at our bi-annual meeting in May. Many thanks to all who attended.


Holistic Business Awards

Applications for this year’s Holistic Business Awards are open. The Awards include Best Practitioner, Best New Business and Inspiration Awards.


You can find out more and enter or nominate a practitioner here: Holistic Business Awards


Closing date for this year’s Awards is 4th August 2017.


CNHC registrants have achieved great success in these awards and you can read more in our CNHC November 2016 newsupdate and
CNHC March 2016 newsupdate.

CNHC new website goes live!

Have you visited our new website yet? CNHC’s website has been updated and we invite you to take a look!


The new website is mobile and device-friendly so you will be able to find useful information and login to My CNHC far more easily from your mobile, tablet, PC and other devices.
You can see the site at


CNHC response to Charity Commission consultation


As set out in our CNHC April 2017 newsupdate, the Charity Commission recently held a consultation on ‘its approach to registering as charities organisations which are established to use or promote complementary or alternative medicines.’


CNHC provided a robust response to the consultation and we thank everyone who contacted us about it. You can see CNHC’s response on our website here: CNHC response .


Full details of the consultation can be found here: Charity Commission Consultation.


NHS Employers shine a light on Accredited Registers

NHS Employers, the organisation that works on behalf of leaders and HR professionals in the NHS, has updated its website to include information about Accredited Registers, stating that being on an Accredited Register:
‘ … allows individuals to demonstrate their personal commitment to their work area, and enables them to be a part of a professional community that strives for high standards and safety.’


The website sets out the background to the Accredited Registers programme and links to a Top Tips page which suggests how employers can use the registers when recruiting. Tips include making sure that recruiting managers are signposted to the Accredited Registers and that details are included in job descriptions and person specifications for relevant roles.


CNHC has been approved as the holder of an Accredited Register since 2013.


You can see the information on the NHS Employers website here:
NHS Employers - Voluntary Registers

Job and volunteer roles

Make sure you check our Facebook page, Twitter feed and website for news updates plus details of job and volunteer roles for CNHC registered practitioners.

Share CNHC’s newsletter

We make our newsletter available on our website, Facebook and Twitter sites. Please share and retweet these posts to spread the word about CNHC!

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If you would like to subscribe to CNHC's newsletters, please email with ‘ENews Subscribe' in the subject line and CNHC will send you a copy of the monthly newsletter via email.


The following are back issues of newsletters in PDF form you can read online or download:


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CNHC's newsletter was launched in November 2009. It is sent electronically to all registrants who have an email address and all those on CNHC's contact list.

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