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CNHC Registrants – thank you!


CNHC Chair Michael Watson thanks CNHC registrants for speaking out


“If you are CNHC registered you will know that in February we sent you a survey to find out about your experiences of trying to work with local GPs and the NHS.


We have had an overwhelming response and I want to thank all CNHC registrants who took part. We received over 1400 responses and they provide a great insight into both the opportunities and the barriers faced by our registrants when trying to engage with the NHS.


Nearly 600 of those who responded said they have tried to work with the NHS. Of these, just over 100 said they had been successful in some way. Experiences were mixed with some receiving referrals or working in hospital wards on either a paid or voluntary basis. Where services are funded it seems that this is often through a charitable source rather than direct NHS funding.


Over 600 said they had not been successful. Reasons given ranged from lack of awareness, knowledge and interest through to resistance and scepticism about the use of complementary healthcare. Where there was interest, lack of funding was also often cited as an issue.


We will be feeding the survey results into the Professional Standards Authority / Royal Society for Public Health’s joint project about the role practitioners on Accredited Registers can play in the wider health workforce. I’m really pleased that CNHC initiated contact between the two organisations. We have been feeding information into the project to raise awareness of the role that complementary healthcare can play.


Once again thank you for being so engaged and so proactive.You have chosen to Stand Up for Standards and I think that speaks volumes about your commitment. I can assure you that we will continue to speak out for the role of CNHC registrants and with these responses our voice is strong.


We will keep you posted of any developments with the joint project. In the meantime I wish you a happy and successful practice.”

You can find out more about this joint project in the CNHC October 2016 newsletter which refers to the original survey sent out last year to practitioners on all Accredited Registers.

We will contact individual registrants to find out more about services provided and will include articles in future newsletters where this might be of interest to others.

CNHC presents to Chinese delegation

CNHC Chief Executive Margaret Coats was invited to meet a delegation from the Shandong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission of China. The group were keen to find out more about CNHC’s role and in particular our approach to standardised training for all the disciplines on our Register.

Margaret Coats commented: “I was delighted to be invited to meet and present to this group. We are always keen to inform people around the world about CNHC’s work. This is the second delegation from China who have contacted us for a meeting and I think we can be rightly proud that what we do is seen as leading the way in terms of standard-setting in the complementary health sector.”

Delegation from Shandong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, China

Events update

Royal Society of Medicine public outreach meeting - Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine Section – 8 May 2017, London
The Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is hosting a ‘public outreach meeting: patient’s perspective’ event in London on Monday 8 May 2017.

This meeting will throw light over the clinical use of hypnosis both from patient and practitioner’s perspective. Patients’ accounts will be supported by their medical practitioner’s comments on the individual clinical case and presenting complaints. To view the full event programme and to register visit:

CAMSTRAND Conference 6 – 7 June 2017, Southampton – call for abstracts
CAMSTRAND provides a forum for researchers, health professionals and therapists/ practitioners/students with an interest in complementary medicine research to share their work and knowledge amongst like-minded people. This year’s event is being held in Southampton. To submit an abstract please download and complete the abstract submission form which can be found on the link below and return it to Michelle Holmes at by Friday the 31st of March. For further information and booking visit:

Registration is open for Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s 5th Annual Research Symposium – 16 March, Edinburgh
Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s 5th Annual Research Symposium: Evidence for sustainability - Exploring the current evidence underpinning ways to create sustainable health and care systems is now open for registration. The event will consider the development and application of evidence to achieve financially and environmentally sustainable health and care services. For further details and registration visit: research_symposium.aspx

College of Medicine Conference – Food: the future medicine
The College of Medicine is seeking expressions of interest from those who wish to attend its second food conference, Food: the future medicine, which will take place on 14 September 2017. To register your interest visit:!event/register/2017/9/13/expressions-ofinterest- our-next-food-conference

NICE Public Board Meeting and Question Time - Durham
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is holding a Public Board Meeting and Question Time in Durham on 15 March 2017. This is part of NICE’s programme to hold its board meetings in regions around the country every two months. The public board meetings provide an opportunity for people to hear about the latest developments at NICE. A question time session is held before the main Board meeting and offers a great opportunity for members of the public to raise questions about NICE’s work. For details and to register for a place visit:

NICE holds a wide range of committees and meetings in public. To find out more and register for events visit:


Publicise yourself with CNHC materials

If you are CNHC registered make sure you use our downloadable resources from My CNHC

Here are just some of the tools and resources you can find there :

  • CNHC leaflets you can personalise with your own details
  • CNHC appointment cards you can personalise with your own details.
  • Your CNHC Registration certificate

For full details about My CNHC and CNHC Resources go to the ‘Current Registrants’ page on our website or click here: My CNHC information


CPD Random Sampling 2017

CNHC carries out a random sampling of insurance certificates and CPD logs on an annual basis. The first was held in May 2014 and we will be carrying out the fourth random sampling in April 2017. This involves CNHC asking a random sample of 5% of CNHC registrants to send us copies of their insurance certificate and CPD log for the last full year of registration.

This year’s sampling will begin on 3rd April 2017 and the deadline to return documents will be Friday 28th April 2017.

If you are selected in April you will be contacted direct and asked to send your completed CPD log and insurance certificate. Please do not send these documents to us unless you receive that request.

The full details of the policy and process for the sampling are set out on the link below. Please click onto this and read the policy because if you are included in the sample, failure to comply could affect your registration. Policy in respect of requirement to provide copies of insurance certificate and CPD log.

CNHC’s CPD policy has been updated and simplified. For further details please see our website here: CNHC CPD Policy


PSB elections – Alexander Technique teaching, Bowen Therapy and Yoga Therapy

A reminder that the election process for the Alexander Technique teaching, Bowen Therapy and Yoga Therapy Profession Specific Boards (PSBs) will begin in April 2017.

  • In order to stand for election practitioners must be registered for the relevant discipline no later than midnight on Thursday 6 April 2017.

  • In order to vote, practitioners must be registered for the relevant discipline no later than midnight on Monday 1 May 2017.

You can see full details of these PSB elections here:

PSB Elections April - May 2017

Are you a WI member or know someone who is?

CNHC will be exhibiting at this year’s Women’s Institute (WI) Fair which is taking place at Alexandra Palace in London from 29 March – 1 April. This will be the first time we have exhibited at a major public event and our aim is to raise awareness of CNHC and CNHC registrants around the UK. If you are a WI member come and say hello at the CNHC Stand 168.

More details for WI members at

Job and volunteer roles


Make sure you check our Facebook page, Twitter feed and website for news updates plus details of job and volunteer roles for CNHC registered practitioners.


Share CNHC’s newsletter

We make our newsletter available on our website, Facebook and Twitter sites. Please share and retweet these posts to spread the word about CNHC!

Find us on Facebook

Follow us @CNHC_UK


If you would like to subscribe to CNHC's newsletters, please email with ‘ENews Subscribe' in the subject line and CNHC will send you a copy of the monthly newsletter via email.


The following are back issues of newsletters in PDF form you can read online or download:


Issue 89 - March 2017

Issue 88 - February 2017

Issue 87 - January 2017

Issue 86 - December 2016

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Issue 52 - March 2014

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Issue 50 - January 2014

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Issue 2 - December 2009

Issue 1 - November 2009


CNHC's newsletter was launched in November 2009. It is sent electronically to all registrants who have an email address and all those on CNHC's contact list.

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