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CNHC Chair Michael Watson thanks all CNHC registrants for standing up for standards this year

CNHC Chair Michael Watson
Another year has simply flown by and I can scarcely believe that the festive season is upon us already. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all CNHC registrants for being part of CNHC’s register and for ‘Standing up for Standards’ again this year.

We have achieved a great deal in 2017, not least with the outcome of the Royal Society for Public Health and the Professional Standards Authority joint project.


Their report into the role played by practitioners on Accredited Registers flagged up the important part that you play in the nation’s public health workforce. You should feel proud that your hard work and dedication are being recognised, and the ideas you put forward in our surveys last year – ideas about how you can partner with clinical health staff to improve health and wellbeing - have found a receptive audience.


We are also proud of the work we’ve done on your behalf to increase our influence with policymakers and opinion formers, in Westminster and beyond. At a time when the NHS is facing unprecedented constraints, it is vital that we continue to have close links with those who have the power to affect our work and livelihoods.


As the year draws to a close please take time to remember everything you have achieved this year – your accomplishments and the goals you have reached and surpassed.
Best wishes for success in the new year.

Holistic Therapist Awards – Congratulations to CNHC registrants!

Big congratulations to the CNHC registrants who have been involved with the Holistic Business Awards. Five registrants were either winners or in the top three, and 10 CNHC registrants made it through on the finalist shortlists.


This is a great achievement and well-deserved by all who have taken part. Below we hear from some of the winners and shortlisted finalists.


Sarah Bryan – Star Product 2017, 1st Prize
Sarah Bryan, a CNHC registrant in massage therapy and aromatherapy, won the top award for her aromatherapy oils toolkit, SB Holistic Magic. Sarah specialises in integrating aromatherapy into sports and remedial massage treatments. She says: “I was very proud to win this award and also to receive such positive feedback on the therapeutic efficacy of these products. I am indebted to everyone who has helped me with the launch of these products in February this year.”


Sarah was also shortlisted for Best Practitioner 2017, and for the Inspiration Award in recognition of the challenges she faces as a blind practitioner.


Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari – Best Training School 2017, 1st Prize
Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton is run by Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari, both CNHC registrants in massage therapy who originally met while working in New York. Jing offers the UK’s only degree-level course in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage, the three-year BTEC Level 6 professional diploma, as well as more than 30 CPD courses and postgraduate qualifications. Meghan is a member of the CNHC Board of Directors, and she and Rachel have trained more than 3,500 students since Jing was founded in 2003.


Earle Abrahamson – Star Product 2017, 2nd Prize
Earle Abrahamson, who is a CNHC registrant and Profession Specific Board member for massage therapy, won second prize for his book Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology, co-written with Jane Langston. The judges described the book as “innovative and a real game changer in therapy education.”


Kate Beavan-Marks – Best Training School 2017, 2nd Prize
Kate Beavan-Marks, an experienced clinical hypnotist and member of CNHC’s PSB for hypnotherapy, brought home 2nd prize for HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company. She says: “We were thrilled that so many of our students and others took the time to complete the lengthy nomination and voting process. For us, it shows that our students appreciate our high standards and recognise what the core curriculum brings to the profession.”


Malminder Gill – Best Practitioner 2017, 3rd Prize
Malminder Gill, better known as Mindy, is a CNHC-registered clinical hypnotherapist and winner of 3rd prize for Best Practitioner. Outside of her busy practice, she has completed post-graduate academic studies in clinical hypnosis at Robert Gordon University and has had her research on chronic pain published in the Journal of Sleep and Hypnosis. Mindy says: “I am absolutely thrilled to win this award and would like to thank all of my clients for the hard work they’ve put into each therapy session - they have all truly inspired me”

Shortlist Finalists

Katrina Beath, Massage TherapyBest Practitioner
Trevor Eddolls, HypnotherapyBest Practitioner
Julie Millington, Massage Therapy and ReflexologyBest Practitioner
Louisa Pini, Aromatherapy and Massage TherapyBest Practitioner
Renuka Russell, Massage TherapyInspiration Award
Rima Shah, Aromatherapy and ReflexologyBest Practitioner
Tautvile Sliazaite, Nutritional TherapyBest Practitioner
Linda Witchell, HypnotherapyInspiration Award

CNHC data protection policy

We’ve recently updated our data protection policy to amend the limited list of circumstances when we may be required to share personal data we hold on our registrants.


CNHC will share personal data with the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA) when the PSA requires us to disclose full details of a formal complaint filed against a registrant.


CNHC is very clear about its legal duties as a registered data controller, as we hold a significant amount of personal and sensitive personal data. We have appropriate security systems in place to protect that data; for more information you can read our full amended data protection policy here.

Changes to Disclosure Scotland records checks

If you’ve ever applied for a job which required a criminal records check by Disclosure Scotland, you’ll likely be familiar with the service they offer to residents of England and Wales as well: what’s known as a ‘basic disclosure’ of any unspent convictions or cautions.


The service has been a convenient way to run UK-wide checks for convictions covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 – not only for potential employers but for individuals who wanted to keep an up-to-date disclosure statement in their files.


However, starting on 1 January 2018 these basic checks in England and Wales will be taken over by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) – the existing Government body which already offers enhanced checks for sensitive jobs that fall outside the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, such as work with children or vulnerable adults.


After January Disclosure Scotland will carry out searches for Scotland only, with residents of Northern Ireland still being covered by AccessNI.


The new DBS service will offer, for the first time, online applications for a criminal records check. More information is available at Disclosure and Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland and AccessNI.


New press release template for recent RSPH report


Following on from last month’s report on the role of practitioners on accredited registers – which was published by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Professional Standards Authority – we’ve produced a new press release template which CNHC registrants can use to gain publicity for their practices.

The PSA/RSPH report highlights: Practitioners registered with CNHC support public health by encouraging their clients to make a range of lifestyle changes. These include improvements to diet and nutrition, support with giving up smoking and losing weight, support with reducing stress, improving sleep, managing pain and other symptoms, as well as overall enhancements to wellbeing. All CNHC registrants are committed to enhancing the UK public’s health and wellbeing.

The publicity generated by the report offers registrants a unique opportunity to promote their own work – which we’ve helped by drafting a template which can be sent out to local newspapers and magazines, for example, or journalists and bloggers who write about health topics.

If you’re registered with CNHC and would like to raise awareness of your work with your local news media, you can find a copy of the press release by logging into MyCNHC, and clicking on the link for ‘CNHC Resources’.



If you are CNHC registered you can download a copy of this poster by logging into



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