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Connecting Reiki with medicine

A new pioneering project bringing Reiki to St George's Hospital, London

About us and the project

We are five Reiki practitioners and masters - Melanie Glanville, Feona Gray, Georgina Hood, Laura O'Regan and Diana Shaw - who are working in a voluntary capacity with the Full Circle Fund Therapies charity at St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London.


Full Circle Fund Therapies is an award-winning integrated medicine charity dedicated to supporting the quality of life of children and adults being treated for life-limiting conditions.


Together, we have recently introduced Reiki as one of the therapies offered by Full Circle to very sick children and adults in the hospital. The planned areas of work are paediatric intensive care, haematology (blood diseases) and supporting cancer and palliative care patients.


The next step will be to carry out publishable research into how Reiki impacts in a hospital setting. There is already evidence that it can help ease patients' pain and help improve the quality of life for cancer patients by lowering levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue.


The St George's and Full Circle research committee includes medical consultants and researchers who have established links with research institutions. Our case studies will help build on this and, coming from such a credible and venerable establishments, we hope will lead to more understanding, exceptance and integration of Reiki in medical settings globally.


The project may also teach Reiki to staff, patients' carers, parents and friends so they can support their loved ones through difficult times. For patients, being able to self-treat with Reiki can be a valuable skill to support their own wellbeing.


This project and Full Circle will rely totally on donations and receive no government or NHS funding.


Our target is to raise £90,000 to fund the ongoing work of eight carefully selected and experienced Reiki practitioners over three years. They will first complete a voluntary six-month period of induction, intensive clinical and infection control training and practice at St George's

How you can get involved

Your support can make a real difference to many patients in critical care or at the end of their lives. Wherever you may be in the world, this project could promote a wider understanding of how Reiki can work in partnership with medicine.


There are many ways you can support this amazing initiative. Together we can help make a difference to the people treated in medical settings in the UK and around the world.


How you can help:

  • make a one-off donation
  • give through Total Giving
  • set up a regular monthly gift
  • do your own fundraising
  • share your skills
  • be a practitioner partner
  • involve your company, group or association in fundraising or sponsorship
  • share your story - email with details of how you have used Reiki in a clinical setting

Our fundraising promise

Full Circle Fund Therapies is a registered charity that has supported patients atSt George's since 2000.

All donations to this project will be used to support the Reiki practitioner partners working with Full Circle including their induction and mentoring programme, therapy co-ordination and service. A small percentage will be used to cover set up, data management, and training.

"Full Circle Fund has made a fantastic difference to the wellbeing of our patients"

−Professor Ted Gordon-Smith, MD, FRCP, FRCPath, FMedSci, Professor of Haematology, St George's Healthcare NHS Trust

"Full Circle is delighted to be able to introduce Reiki to the therapies we provide at St George's Hospital."

− Suzanne Ruggles, Founder Director, Full Circle Fund Therapies Charity




"We are pleased to endorse this in-depth hospital-based clinical Reiki programme - the first of its kind in the UK - that will lead to research on the role of Reiki with medicine. We applaud Full Circle Fund Therapies and St George's hospital in their forward thinking in providing the time, facilities and commitment to this ground-breaking initiative.


All Reiki practitioners, as well as the people we treat, stand to benefit from the building of a sound evidence base, so we are sure that many people will be happy to make a financial contribution as their part in enabling the success of this project."

Brenda Davies, Chair, The Reiki Council


"The Reiki Association is delighted to support the Reiki practitioners who are participating in the Full Circle initiative at St George's. Our hope is that the work will lead not only to more Reiki in hospitals but also to further evidence-based Reiki projects and continuing research. As funding is coming wholly from donations, we actively encourage all of us who have benefited from Reiki to contribute to the project."

Tripuri Dunne, Membership and Administration Secretary, The Reiki Association


"I am glad to see that Reiki is finding its way into St. George's University Hospital. For years we have worked to gain access for Reiki practitioners to be included in programs in hospital settings, and this is a good beginning towards this end. The walls between hospital medical practice and support from Reiki seem to be softening, and I think there will be a lot gained for both parties as this initiative moves forward. I encourage people to get involved in this project and support it any way they are able to."

Rick Bockner, Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho

Rick Bockner was one of the twenty-two masters to be initiated by Hawayo Takata. Mrs Takata was the first person to bring Reiki to the western world from Japan




Contact us at:

Melanie Glanville (Practitioner enquiries, Lead Practitioner at St George's)

Feona Gray (Fundraising enquiries, PR, Social Media)

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