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Reiki Treatments with Reiki Master Jane at Spirit in Bristol

TRA Member
Date of first Reiki initiation:
29 May 2003
Date of last Reiki initiation:
23 September 2003
In-person initiation:
I confirm my master was physically present during all the Reiki initiations mentioned above.
Name of last initiating master:
Nadia Paul
Lineage of last initiating master:
Nadia Paul, Bill Davey, Derek Cocker, Judith Trip, Geanine Sande, Iris Ishikuro, Hawayo Takata, Dr Hayashi, Dr Usui.
Style/system of Reiki practised:
Dr Usui System of Natural Healing
I offer home visits:
I offer Reiki treatments for animals:
Yes, as well as people!
There is parking available close to where I offer treatments
Approx length of a session:
90 minutes initial consultation
60 minute sessions
15 minute taster/ mini session
Please see my fees below
Initial session £:
Further sessions each £:
Supplement for home visits £:
Other payment options/discounts:
Cash, Bank Transfer (BACS), Paypal, Debit Card, (card machine)
20% Discount Mums-to-Be
205 Discount Mothers, month around Mothers' Day
I also treat:
Children (with parental consent), Domestic pets e.g. cats, dogs, Large animals e.g. horses
Sea Mills / Whitchurch, Bristol
Phone Number/s:
07899784282 - Please leave a voicemail. I don't answer my phone when I am seeing clients
I am also listed in Reiki Classes:
Code of Ethics:
I agree to practise according to the Reiki Association's Code of Ethics
Terms and Conditions:
I agree to the Reiki Association's Terms and Conditions

Hello, I'm Jane, a Reiki Master, Teacher, Counsellor dedicated to enhancing, enabling and empowering my clients' resilience and wellbeing in an ever chaotic world. 

I have a wonderful garden room that is located on its own crystal grid. The grid creates a delightful relaxing energy as soon as you step in. There is a large amethyst crystal in the room that fills you with loving energy. During the wintertime, the atmosphere in the garden room becomes even lovelier because of the warmth from the wood-burning stove. 'It feels like stepping out of time when I'm in your garden room."

Reiki is a hands-on energy modality performed through clothing. You can choose to receive your treatment on a couch or a chair. 

Please allow 90 minutes for your initial consultation and session.  Sessions are usually 60 minutes thereafter.

I offer 20% discounts to mums-to-be when they have passed their first trimester and first 3 months postnatal to help bring their bodies and themselves back into balance.

I also offer 20% discounts to mothers during the month around Mothers' Day. 

I offer 15 minute, mini/ taster sessions which are great for small groups looking for an alternative activity alongwith chakra balancing, aura cleansing etc. 

Distance healing is also available. Please email me for more details and to arrange convenient times when you are 'at rest'. 

It can often be distressing for animals and pets to be taken somewhere strange when they are feeling poorly and vulnerable. I usually carry out initial consultations in person to connect with  the animal/ pet in their space. This initial consultation will be as short or as long, (60 minutes maximum) as the animal/ pet may tolerate. As with humans, one size does not fit all. 





Interested? What to do next:
You can e-mail, or phone 07899784282

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