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Reiki Master Practitioner based in West Essex *** New!

TRA Member
I am a Reiki practitioner Verified by:
The Reiki Association
I am a CNHC registered Reiki Practitioner:
Date of first Reiki initiation:
29 August 2021
Date of last Reiki initiation:
22 February 2024
In-person initiation:
I confirm my master was physically present during all the Reiki initiations mentioned above.
Name of last initiating master:
Janice Leonard
Lineage of last initiating master:
Janice Leonard
Chris Parks
William Rand
Diane McCumber
Arthur Robertson
Iris Ishikuro
Hawayo Takata
Chujiro Hayashi
Mikao Usui
Style/system of Reiki practised:
I offer home visits:
I offer Reiki treatments for animals:
There is parking available close to where I offer treatments
Approx length of a session:
50 minutes including feedback and aftercare advice
Please see my fees below
Initial session £:
Further sessions each £:
Supplement for home visits £:
Other payment options/discounts:
A £15.00 non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking in case of cancellations on your part. The balance is then taken at the end of the treatment session.
I also treat:
Children (with parental consent)
Phone Number/s:
Code of Ethics:
I agree to practise according to the Reiki Association's Code of Ethics
Terms and Conditions:
I agree to the Reiki Association's Terms and Conditions

Reiki treatment available in West Essex. You would been seen in a therapy treatment centre or in your own home.

Morgan is a Reiki Master Practitioner, trained under the lineage of Mikao Usui. She is a verified member of The Reiki Association and registered as a Reiki practitioner with the CNHC -Complimenatry and Natural Healthcare Council.

During the session, you will normally lay down on a therapy bed and Morgan will gently place her hands on or near your body promoting a calm and deeply relaxing sensation which is non-intrusive. You will remain fully clothed but asked only to remove your footwear.

Your first session will be scheduled for one hour to allow time to complete and sign the necessary paperwork, with follow up sessions scheduled for 50 minutes, which includes any feedback and aftercare advice. You will initially contact Morgan over the phone and if you wish to proceed, then a non refundable deposit of £15.00 will need to be paid at the time of booking, to cover any cancellations on your part. Home visits can also be arranged by special request.

As Reiki is a form of energy healing, it is classed as a complementary therapy, often used in hospitals along side more conventional medicine. It is also used as a palliative or supportive therapy with cancer patients and Morgan is also part of a team of volunteer practitioners at a Cancer & Holistic Support Centre which offers various therapy sessions including Reiki, Acupuncture, Mindfulness & Counselling. 

Interested? What to do next:
Initial enquires are conducted over the phone to establish your needs and expectations of Reiki and if this therapy treatment is best suited to you.

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