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Reiki for Animals (RfA) Practitioner Recognition


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Q: Why have new standards and recognition for RfA been developed?

A: We recognise the growth within RfA across the sector - vets, animal health practitioners, animal owners and care givers. It has become apparent that many Reiki Practitioners are already working with animals; we receive many requests for recommended, good quality courses. Online courses are increasing in popularity but some have limited content and a lack of in-person practical work.

Practitioners require a good understanding of animals. The Reiki Council has established basic standards for training. This is a profession in its own right and not just an add-on to Reiki. All Reiki Council member organisations agree that a common set of standards is the best way to optimise the credibility and professionalism of RfA.


Q: What is the basis for recognising Reiki for Animals Practitioners?

A: RfA will offer recognition at public and professional level Three NOS specific to RfA have been developed in conjunction with LANTRA* and will form the basis of our requirements for Professional Reiki for Animals Practitioner recognition

Initially we are launching Practitioner level but the higher NOS level will follow in 2021.

National Occupational standards for Reiki with animals:

* Lantra has worked with the Agricultural, Environmental and Animal Care sector for over 50 years, initially as a National Training Organisation and now a Sector body. It has worked with employers, trade bodies, professional organisations, regulatory organisations, industry experts, voluntary organisations, trade unions and other partners throughout the UK to develop and review National Occupational Standards (NOS), qualifications and apprenticeships for occupations at all levels.


Q: I wish to be recognised for RfA at Professional Practice level, do I need to apply at Practitioner level and upgrade when the NOS level is launched?

A: You can wait until we launch level 3/NOS recognition or apply now for Practitioner recognition and upgrade when the NOS is launched. By applying now, you can start to gain professional credibility and raise awareness


Q: What is the benefit of being professionally recognised by TRA as a Reiki for Animals Practitioner?

A: - public credibility

    - a certificate from a professional UK Reiki organisation


Q: How do I apply to be recognised as a Reiki for Animals Practitioner?

A: You will need to complete an application form and send it with required evidence to the TRA verification officer.


Q: What does the Reiki for Animals Practitioner recognition cost?

A: The application for recognition is £75. This covers both admin costs and the evaluation of your application with possible discussion and follow up.


Q: How long does the process take once I submit my application?

A: You should receive an initial reply within 7-10 working days. The length of the process will depend on specific circumstances, and the expertise demonstrated in your application. 


Q: How do I know if my existing training/ experience qualifies me for RfA recognition?

A: Please look at the  Pre requisites and the application checklist above. If you can draw on good quality Reiki training, other learning and experience, you are likely to qualify. 


Q: How do I further my training for recognition if my training didn’t include topics such as Understanding Animals, related legislation, and health & safety requirements?

A: The Reiki Council publication: Understanding Animals: A working guide for Reiki Practitioners, covers these topics and is recommended if you have these gaps in your training. You may need to read this more than once to absorb the information.


Q: I have been giving Reiki to animals for many years and have a wealth of expertise, do I have to pay for training that I don’t feel I need?

A: Recognition of Reiki for Animals Practitioners is intended to ensure that the Practitioners meet a set of common standards, requiring them to be knowledgeable, competent and proficient in relation to animals and the delivery of safe, effective Reiki practice. Practitioners who have not undergone formal RfA training but who have a minimum of 100 hours of Reiki experience with a variety of animals, in numerous and variable situations, meet the requirements to apply.


Q: Do I need additional Attunement/Initiation/Reijus to become a Reiki for Animals Practitioner?

A: All you need to have is Reiki level II to be a RfA Practitioner, you will have had all the Reiki Attunement/Initiation/ Reijus you need to be able to work with animals in-person or from a distance. Additional Attunement/Initiation/ Reijus are not deemed necessary or recognised by TRA for RfA Practitioners.


Q: I have a condition which means that I struggle with writing, can I complete applications by answering the questions by audio or video means?

A: We wish to be inclusive and are happy to discuss options. Please contact us so that we  can discuss this further with you.


Q: Are assisted digital options available. I do not have a means to print the paperwork?

A: We would ask that requests for paperwork are kept to a minimum but we will do what we can to assist where you need help, please contact us and we can discuss this further with you.


Q: Who do I contact for more information?

A: Email 

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