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Public Practice Verification

Be a Verified Practitioner...

verified practitioner the Reiki Association Verification is a one off process and to be a Verified Practitioner should now be considered as an important commitment to your Reiki practice if you are working in the public domain.


The Reiki Association is an approved verifiying organisation. Our verifiers are all experienced Masters who will support and mentor candidates through the verification process if they experience any difficulty.


Once you have made your application for Verification, the pack you receive will give you the instructions you need to set up an observed treatment and will also contain a written questionnaire, to be sent off once completed, to your allocated verifier with copies of insurance, certificates, details of lineage and character references.


The cost of Verification for a TRA member is £120.00 in total, £45.00 of which is for the TRA admin fee. The cost of Verification for a non-member of TRA is £135.00 in total, £60.00 of which is for the TRA admin fee. The remaining Verifier's fee of £75.00 TRA should be sent directly to your allocated Verifier together with your paper work. Please contact your Verifier for methods of payment when you are ready to submit. (Please note that all fees will be reviewed annually)


In addition you will need to pay whatever basic travel expenses are incurred by an Observer in visiting you. Observers can be any registered health professional or be a Reiki practitioner provided that you don’t know them socially. The Reiki Association offers a list of approved verifiers. Your verifier will contact you if there are any queries about your written paper. Should you need to resubmit any part of it, provided that this is done within six months, there will be no further cost.


As a verified member you will receive a one off certificate in partnership with the Reiki Council for professional practice and their logo. This logo can be used on your own website or publicity material. You may also show this logo on your entry if you are listed in The Reiki Directory.


As a member of The Reiki Association, you are entitled to a Membership Certificate as well as use of our 'Verified' logo for as long as you remain a member. Please note that Membership Certificates and the use of our logo are only available if you are a Verified Practitioner. If you wish to do this, please apply to the Membership Secretary for the Terms of Usage.


Apart from the Reiki Council logo, if you are on our Reiki Directory, you will be shown as:
  • TRA member
  • Verified Practitioner
If you have also elected to be CNHC Registered, this will also appear and you will be able to show the CNHC logo.


TO APPLY TO BECOME A VERIFIED PRACTIONER, please go to our Application for Verification page.
CNHC Registration
As a Verified Practitioner, you can automatically be fast-tracked for CNHC registration which may be required in different centres, clinics, hospitals in the UK at any time. CNHC registration costs £70.00 per year.