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Webinar: Rebecca Bredenhof presents Healing Your Family Tree with Reiki

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When: Tuesday 7th July 7.30pm to 8.30pm
At: Online, please register first
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Rebecca Bredenhof will talk about Healing Your Family Tree with Reiki, which was developed previously by Marta Getty


We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Bredenhof to talk to us about Healing Your Family Tree with Reiki, which was developed by Marta Getty. Here are some words from Rebecca about this:


Our forgotten family and healing of the ancestor line.


With an intense desire to heal the Jewish past which she carried in her cells, Rebecca Bredenhof started Healing Your Family Tree with Reiki (HFT), developed by Marta Getty. It was this in-depth healing experience that made Rebecca realize that this unique process Marta Getty had developed was an important contribution to the Reiki community.


However, when she was self-certified after an intensive training to teach others the HFT process, she quickly understood that this went far beyond the Reiki community; that healing the ancestral lines is not only a gift for our families, but also for our friends, our colleagues, and ultimately for all of humanity.


Since the death of Marta Getty last month, Rebecca is her successor in Healing the/your Family Tree with Reiki (HFT). In recent years Rebecca brought this amazing Reiki process to Kazakstan, USA, Trinidad and Tobago and of course The Netherlands.


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Anyone with Reiki is welcome.

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