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When: 9 April, 14 May, 11 June, 2 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 12 November, 10 December, 14 J
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If you are thinking of offering Reiki treatments to people outside your immediate circle of family and friends, or are already doing so and finding it a struggle, this series of workshops online once a month could help you gain confidence and help to deepen your Reiki practice.

Develop as a Practitioner: this is a series of twelve 2 hour online workshops at 7.30 pm - 9.30pm (UK time) usually on the 2nd Thursday of each month (the one in July is a week earlier).  The sessions will take place via Zoom, an online conferencing service.  Assistance for those not familiar with how this works will be given.

You can attend all the sessions or just the ones that you feel are relevant for you.

Making Verification Easier many practitioners who are interested in registering with CNHC as a Reiki practitioner find the verification process challenging.  This is often because 1st and 2nd level Reiki training does not cover the aspects of being a public practitioner.  Certainly in Usui Shiki Ryoho these Reiki teachings are initially for personal practice and do not cover all the aspects a public practitioner needs.

This lack of knowledge and understanding can lead to a lack of confidence and will not lead to a successful Reiki public practice.

Ideally this further education takes place in person.  However I recognise that not everyone can attend the Professional Reiki Practitioner Foundation Course I offer for a variety of reasons, so I decided to try this online Practitioner Development Programme.  The series of online, interactive workshops will offer the opportunity to explore different aspects of public practice in the company of others, from wherever you are in the world.

Useful as CPD:  For practitioners who are already in public/professional practice and CNHC registrants, the sessions can be useful CPD.  Each session will count as 2 hours CPD.

Not Webinars: These sessions are not webinars where you just sit back and listen to someone telling you how it is.  The sessions will be interactive (so you will need a microphone and ideally a camera on your computer or phone), so that you can respond to and ask questions, exchange ideas with other practitioners and learn together as a group. 

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Host: Kate Jones
Members can log in and send a message to Kate Jones
Phone: 01584 890 284/07817 250 762
Email: Email me now!
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