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Category: channelled

By the Archangel Azreal, Archangel of Death.

Welcome back to those who have missed our articles, but we angels have been busy writing a book about death and the afterlife After We Die (not in print yet). We see the crippling fears that most people hold around the subject of death and hope in the book to clarify life and death for you. Fear that paralyses you causes you to be stuck in that energy.  We work not through guesswork but by observation, and we have no barriers to obscure our view of what happens to people after death. There is no life without death and no death without life. You’re always alive, and sometimes you have a body.

The fear surrounding death is tangible. If you blend all the energy on Earth it produces an energetic environment made up of light and dark. When people are afraid the dark energy of fear makes the planet darker, when people have hope the planet’s energy is lighter, and therefore thinner. You live in this energy and share in creating it with your own emotions. It has a greater effect on people than physical pollution as energy travels faster with more accuracy.

What’s changed for you in the last decade, and has increased at a faster rate in the last two years is the fear that you will all die and humanity will become extinct. You are aware that you are making Earth uninhabitable for human occupation through your actions. This fear of extinction is increasing the level of dark, thick energy once again.  The more prevalent that energy, the harder it is to see any way out of the situation you find yourself in.

Is there a solution, a way to lighten the energy and find a way forward? Yes, absolutely. Energy is so quick and flowing and easy to change, not at all like the slow-moving physical state. Some of you are Reiki practitioners or use another energy healing modality. Every time you use energy to heal you are changing the energy on the entire planet. No one can hug energy close to them, by its very nature it is a flow. We see that the most effective way to use Reiki to help the Earth is to join in circles and bring the Reiki through the centre “for the highest good of all”.  Lifting the darkness off Earth helps her, but helps humanity even more at this point in your time here. What can be easier or more simple than that?

©Candace Caddick

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Category: personal

By Candace with the Archangel Melchizadek.

I was given a new workshop this year by my guides to help people remember what they had planned for themselves when they incarnated for this lifetime on Earth. I asked “why now?” They replied it was important for people to complete their plans for this lifetime, before the next big change takes place. Part of the reason for altering the planet’s rhythm in June was to help people, shake them up and get them moving again.

Everyone’s plan and role is different. A multitude of abilities can be brought to bear on any problem and each of us holds a piece of the solution. No one has to fix the planet or the people by themselves, we are here to learn to work with each other and remember our overarching human soul.

This feeling that solving major problems is up to us is partly true and partly false. We don’t have to carry the burden for others, only for ourselves. If we neglect to do what we came here to do it makes it harder for others, with a smaller chance of overall success. As we are all one making it harder for others makes it harder for ourselves.

If we are busy living as we intended to when we came here, we feel better about ourselves. We have put our purpose and our talents first in our lives and found they fit, we were all born with the talents to complete our life plan. There’s a great sadness in finding out once you’re dead that you had every gift you needed and never used them as you intended.  What would happen if everyone got on with their self-selected tasks and accomplished them?  What would the Earth be like?


There are many who go through their whole lives inert and getting very little out of their time here. It’s a wasted opportunity to grow in wisdom and love, and when they return, if they return, they may well have the same lives to repeat at the same level. They missed the chance to build on a lifetime of learning. At this time we see many who have forgotten they have any purpose at all. They are living in their personal worlds but not in reality. They have succumbed to diversion and distraction and its hard to pull them back. Life holds little for these people.

The workshop entails information, a personal channelling, meditations and guidance. It meant to help people identify their direction so they can take steps along their path.  Once on your way it’s a journey you’ll enjoy.


 12 August, 23 Sept, 11 Nov 2018

The second half of 2018 onwards promises many changes. Earth is travelling forward into the future and our role is to help her, and thereby help ourselves. This workshop explores her journey, humanity’s role in it and helps individuals become clear on their part in the process. Everyone is here to help, not everyone remembers what they were planning on doing in this life.  The day will include meditation, a personal channelling and guidance.

This workshop is meant to start you on your way, to get you thinking and making decisions that align you with your original plans.

It’s time to remember and take action. Being aligned with your purpose eases background stress as you become whole.

10.30 – 3.30 p.m.

Redhill, Surrey


 Numbers will be limited

Please contact Candace Caddick for further details.

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel

©Candace Caddick

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Category: channelled

By the Archangel Uriel.  

  I was prompted by my guides to visit Avebury on Tuesday to watch the Earth’s energy change. It began around 3 -4 a.m. and finished later in the day. Avebury is one of the places where this change is easy to see, there are around half a dozen similar locations globally. What my friends and I observed was a change in rhythm, colour and texture. The energy that was predominating, left-over from the previous cycle, was a solid orange. We watched as this energy was drained away down vortexes into the Earth while new, lighter colours flowed in up the Processional Way. The layers of energy were bubbles, each floating in higher up. The heavy orange became tangerine, shrunk to take a balanced position in a rainbow of colours. The layers were similar to a rainbow with turquoise, pink and white predominating.

We were aware that the orange was related to an overwhelming imbalance in sexual energy, over forty percent of the outgoing energy was heavy and orange. The new tangerine energy was balanced with all the other colours, with no one energy  carried greater weight than another.  

The turquoise energy was something that we humans had been taking into ourselves previously, and now we needed to take it in and broadcast it out through our hearts. We were aware that our hearts needed to be open to do this, and they were!

The stone circle itself varied with shades of orange, then turquoise, then balanced before we left. We also felt we were balanced without effort. Walking in balanced energy made it easy for us. Bubbles are soft without rigid edges, an altered support for us living here.

The Earth broadcasts her messages through Avebury to her family of planets and that was a huge change to see. Her steady rhythm was finished and she began a new song. When we have a song we might have verses and a repeating refrain. All the time I was there I saw no repetition, only random and playful bursts continually rising out of the Earth.

Before Tuesday I was aware of living in a maelstrom of energy, and now it is completely still like the eye of a storm. Still is a relief to the senses but it won’t last forever. Look to see everything speed up again next year. My guides said enjoy this summer, next year’s looks rockier.


Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We are having a little celebration here in the higher dimensions. In the past Earth has been held back in her journeying and we had some doubts whether she would choose to do this upgrade now. She needs this breathing space, she needs to be who she is.  Expressing herself rhythmically is joyful to her, everybody needs joy – even planets.

With this change she has taken her last step into her end game.  That’s good news for everyone here and in the universe. We support her in this, it means health and balance. If you are able to live in a flexible, non-rhythmic manner you will thrive right along with her. For example you allow your opinions to change, you release old thoughts and habits, you start living flexibly and allow good things to be brought to you.

Look at your life and what you have scheduled will be supported by you to happen. Those plans are floating on top, but underneath where you really exist you can make any plan with this new energy . You can choose what will make you happy in as random a way as the energy of the Earth. There is no need to take anything from your past forward in life unless it helps you live the life you want.

The Earth resetting her energy supports you into resetting your own. Enjoy the freedom of action.

©Candace Caddick

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Category: channelled

By the Archangel Michael.

The type of planetary changes that are coming your way this June are infrequent and dramatic. It’s important to understand that you cannot control the rhythm the Earth chooses to dance to, and that you can only respond to her changes. These have almost nothing to do with you as a human – other than you will feel the changes in every part of your being. This will be a change for the better.

We have guidance for those interested in a comfortable changeover. First, go outside as much as possible in as natural an area as you can find. Can you sit outside, eat outside and walk to work? It will help you if you can. Second be flexible and adapt to every change in plans. The more flexible and adaptable you become the smoother the ride. Human beings have an excellent ability to adapt quickly. It is a  hallmark of your species.

Spending a lot of time outside will balance you and let you enjoy the summer, one of the pleasantest times of the year. Take advantage of the summer to get used to the changes, so that by the autumn you are ready to go. Don’t fight change, flow with it.

©Candace Caddick

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Category: channelled

By the Galactic Collective of Planets.

UGC 1810 picture courtesy of NASA and Hubble

We are newcomers to these articles, we wish to speak about planets and the way they evolve.

Planets have life plans, as do other souls or beings. We began our existence in this universe with the intention to build on experiences gained in earlier incarnations of previous universes. In those earlier universes we also existed to host other species and give them somewhere to live, thereby learning from them while they learn, all learning together. Every being is different, every lesson is unique.

It is good to remember that the universe does not run on Earth time or light years. It is timeless, as beings we do not pay attention to time. Whatever happens is just what is happening now, and that means everything is taking place at the perfect moment, fully in the present.

Earth is a good example of what is happening now changing to what is happening next, the new “now”. She has been holding a vibration to assist the soul groups on her surface to progress. It is a specific vibration in the form of a rhythm. On a drum it would sound like this: (drum roll) rat……….tat a tat a tat, repeated over and over again.  Beings on Earth are subconsciously aware of this rhythm as the background to every waking and sleeping moment. This rhythm is part of yourself and you all share it.

Earth’s rhythm is changing to help the life forms on her surface progress and grow in understanding. Next time the rhythm will be a lively dance rhythm. What do you normally expect when you hear an irresistible dance beat? People start dancing and enjoying themselves. It’s time to start enjoying life with the vibration of joy coming up from the Earth and raining down from the heavens. Whatever you were doing in the past it’s time to start dancing now.

©Candace Caddick


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Category: channelled

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Starting in January I have been aware of the major change coming to the Earth around the summer solstice in June 2018. So often when I see a change I try to picture it to help me understand what is ahead. This time it was unclear, not – as so often in the past – a step upward with an increase in vibration, but a step sideways. Not a 2D picture on a graph, but 3D with the change coming out towards me at an angle. That didn’t tell me a lot until I realized it will be a change in rhythm! The planet’s present rhythm is regular and a little staid and robotic. From about the 19th of June it changes into a disco rhythm Think of a bouncy version of Staying Alive by the BeeGees and the way that makes you want to dance. It won’t be that song exactly, but one to dance to and have fun. Let others walk robotically, many of you will take off into the park in the sunshine, joined by other people pouring out of buildings enjoying being alive. Those who are left addressing empty rooms will look out the window and think they should join the party, too.

I asked my guides how long it would take this to work through the system to the point where we begin to notice the change, and they replied “With this energy? It will be immediately!” The last time the energy shifted rhythm was fifty years ago in 1968, the summer of love.  Candace

The Archangel Melchizadek

Greetings! We have been busy with Candace having her write another book for us and that has taken priority over these short articles. Time has been passing and June is coming closer with the required change in Earth’s energy. She does this periodically, as step by step she makes the adjustments she needs for the highest good. This change has long been planned, it is not a response to your current events, but it will shape what is coming next for you. The steady rhythm that you rely on to underpin your world will be gone overnight and the Earth will begin to dance. You may feel as if you are walking on a trampoline and it will make you laugh.  Joy is missing from your lives today, and you won’t be able to help smiling, laughing and having a good time. Let others worry, life can be spent in happiness. Those who cannot adjust to the rhythm will have a difficult time, as when you can’t bounce on a trampoline and get thrown from side to side.

Why does the Earth change her rhythm? She does it to tweak the energy she provides. If you get out of bed in the morning and listen to sad funereal music your spirits and energy drag. If you listen to lively music your mood picks right up. She is singing you a pick-me-up song. Earth is contributing to the happiness of those on her surface; she’s very tired of the dark sad cloud of energy that covers her and blocks the incoming light.

The best way to benefit from this new energy is to be flexible and prepared to dance. Find the other dancers and make a new future with them. Those talking to empty rooms have lost their relevance.


©Candace Caddick


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Category: channelled

By the Archangelic Collective.

Happy New Year! New Year, different energy. This year the energy is pure joy, the joy of a planet moving forward to the next new level. If you are not feeling this joy we suggest you drop everything and go for a walk, an ocean swim, skiing. If you don’t know how the Earth is feeling you are spending too much time away from her. When you get out of your boxes you shake off the delusions of life and remember what it is to be alive and in partnership with a planet. And then you begin to remember more of who you are and why you are here.

Happy New Year!

2018 will continue to be a year of accelerated change (faster than 2017)  for the planet and for all those living on her. She has her own ideas of what she wants to achieve and she is reaching for a new goal. The first half of the year is best illustrated by the athlete who is a long-jumper. They run as fast as they can to gain momentum, then leap to land as far away as they can.  Except the Earth will hope to land as high as she can manage. The leap will be around the time of the summer solstice as that energy will help her shift. (It looks to me like a line that suddenly crashes straight down, then leaps up to continue on a higher level. Should be interesting!) She is  moving into position to continue her life according to plan.

What does this mean for you? If you are able to go with her by spending time outside and strengthening your connection, by blending with her energy, you will simply travel with her. The social and political events are small to her, she’s seen it all before many, many times. She is a planet of love and light working most easily with those who exhibit these qualities. The days are coming closer when those who do not practice love in their lives will find the going hard, as if their feet are stuck in tar. They will be living in one of those nightmares where no matter how hard you try to walk or run you can’t move your feet. It will feel like life isn’t the way it used to be for them. Other people will not agree, for them there is no problem – they have balanced their lives and have enough of everything they need without being greedy. They have the additional goals of living and working with the Earth for the highest good of all.  And they feel joy.

It’s not about hanging on while she changes, it’s about enjoying the ride.

©Candace Caddick

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