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By Candace

I’m a clairaudient channel, and when I tune into a life form I can find the part of myself that is the same as that life, and then talk to it. There should be no exceptions, and as a very curious person I am able to talk to many, many life forms of the plant and animal kingdom. For instance, it is how I know that insects are so cheerful and optimistic. However, among all the viruses on the planet, there are a very few that have no voice. Ebola, HIV, swine flu, Lyme disease – how can they exist without a voice?

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

In the first book I wrote, Planet Earth Today, there is a description by the Archangel Arial of an assembled life form deep in the mines of Atlantis (I had to watch this, it was horrible):

“There was the grafting of body parts together from various species to see what kind of new animal they could make; as if the original animals had no consciousness to be abused! Would the animal live afterwards, or die? Some human/animal grafting took place also, of all kinds and descriptions. The stylised illustrations from ancient Egypt of their Gods were a far cry from the reality of these experiments. There was so much callousness towards the lives dismembered and put together “just to see if they live”, and if they would make a new sort of useful slave. One slave they created stood tall, at almost two metres, with a body similar to a wolf spider but with the huge powerful shoulders of a man. There were eight powerful arms that each ended in a human hand. This creature lived in the heat at the bottom of a mine where his power and dexterity allowed him to handle the ropes and levers like a living machine. Surrounded by humans he bellowed his confusion and pain, he had no idea why he was made like this or treated in this way. When people create a child they treat it with love, but these poor creatures were never given love and respect by their creators. These people should never have created these forms of life. We could see by this more than in any other way that Atlanteans had lost their ability to live and act with love and respect. Rest in peace all those created during those last days.”

If viruses are being assembled in a lab as the beginning steps in learning how to manufacture useful life forms, then they will have no voice. If these killer viruses are then found in Africa or an isolated pig pen in Mexico, then I suspect they arrived as part of an experiment using the local populations as guinea pigs. The reaction of western governments is to throw tax money at the drug companies to protect us from these viruses, at the rate of about one new scare a year. If you follow the money, the people who are profiting here are the big pharmaceutical companies.

I have confidence in my ability to channel life, and the fact that only these viruses are silent, yet obviously alive, makes me doubt their naturals origins.

©Candace Caddick

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