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Posted: 1-2-2013 - 4 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ] - 1 TRA member likes this
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Category: channelled

By Archangel Azreal, Archangel of Death

Death is not the end, but you know this. Death does not solve problems or end them although there is a break in continuity. Life and death do not actually exist but have been created on Earth; they are the same thing and are not divided into two halves; living and dead. Earth dwellers believe in Death and have created a false version of Death that frightens them. They believe the false picture and are afraid of the real event which is a blessed gift to get you out of aged bodies into a new one, and to wind up the current experiences and allow you to start again. Death has been demonized so that people will fear it and be in pain longer. When your loved ones die they are not gone, but they have moved on to something new. It’s a bit like a television show ending and a new one beginning right after.  Sometimes rest can be peaceful after frantic activity.

The deaths of those on the old Earth will happen with little projected change from their original life spans. Their lives will be different, but their deaths will not alter.  Life and death are not to be divided, there is only life. Do not fear or worry about Death, it does not exist in the way you all believe it does.

With great love, Azreal


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