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Continuing Professional Development

What is CPD?
CPD logo Continuing Professional Development or CPD describes the process that the practitioner embarks upon in order to develop and enrich their practice career. They achieve this by participating in a wide range of relevant learning activities that will ensure that they stay up to date, well informed and legally effective as they move forward with their practice.


How does CPD benefit the practitioner?


By pursuing CPD, the practitioner sets out to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their specific discipline, in this case, their Reiki practice. They study the requirements for public and professional practice as a Reiki practitioner and ensure that they remain fully informed of any new developments in Reiki and of current legislation and national standards. CPD also enables practitioners to maintain their fitness to practice and deepen their understanding of their work.


This serves to give confidence to both practitioner and client alike. Practitioners gain knowledge, understanding, experience, satisfaction and enthusiasm which serves to support their personal and professional development. Practitioners who engage in CPD will offer their clients the best possible care as well as sharing their enthusiasm for Reiki.


How can the Reiki Association help?


TRA can help you meet your CPD requirements in a variety of ways.
  • TRA hosts annual events where there may be the opportunity to participate in specific modules covering the subject of Reiki in practice and practical treatment sessions. Certificates for CPD are offered with most events.
  • TRA hosts online webinars which offer presentations and discussions with specific focus on the public practice of Reiki. These events cover a wide range of topics from advertising policy and insurance, to practising in the more public arena and the requirements for doing so. Certificates for CPD are available when you register for relevant webinars.
  • TRA offers opportunities for volunteering in key areas that in turn serve the development of the Reiki community e.g. Serving on the Council, the Circle of Service, the Care service, website support, sharing groups and networking.
  • TRA publishes a list of Sharing Groups, participation in which counts as CPD.
  • TRA publishes Touch magazine which offers both the opportunity to read about developments in the practice and also the opportunity to contribute by writing articles.
  • TRA’s website offers the opportunity to exchange with other practitioners through groups and forums. Discussions about Reiki practice can be useful to gain learning and experience.
  • TRA’s website also offers a wealth of information about Reiki practice and links to other information.
As well as gaining learning about Reiki to support your development as a Reiki practitioner, you can also add to your CPD by engaging in more general training such First Aid/health and safety at work, business skills courses, and other therapeutic approaches.


All of the above qualify as CPD and will help you to become a competent and confident practitioner.


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