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The UK Reiki Federation

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Debbie O'Hara *** New!

provided by Debbie O'Hara ...and covering: Highland, Scotland, UK
TRA Member
I am a Reiki practitioner verified by:
The UK Reiki Federation
I am a CNHC registered Reiki Practitioner:
Date of first Reiki initiation:
23 April 2010
Date of last Reiki initiation:
1 November 2016
In-person initiation:
I confirm my master was physically present during all the Reiki initiations mentioned above.
Name of last initiating master:
Victoria Mulhearn
Lineage of last initiating master:
T he Reiki Association have an e mailed copy of my full lineage from Victoria Mulhearn back through Margaret Underwood, Randall Heywood, Les Kertay/Maureen O'Toole, Virginia St Claire, Barbara Weber Ray, Mrs Takata, Dr Hayashi from Dr Usui.
Style/system of Reiki practised:
Usui Shiki Ryoho
I offer home visits:
I offer Reiki treatments for animals:
Yes, as well as people!
Approx length of a session:
For humans 45 mins minimum to 1 hour maximum and this can be flexible either way depending on client need.
Please see my fees below
Initial session £:
40.00p (human)
Further sessions each £:
as above
Supplement for home visits £:
see below
Other payment options/discounts:
I offer concessions in certain circumstances and do voluntary sessions for rescue shelters or similar situations, regularly.
Animal sessions are charged as follows:
Large E.g horse/cattle £40
Medium E.g Dogs/cats £20
Small E.g Rabbits/Guinea pigs £15
Client living beyond a 10 mile radius may be charged 45p per mile - this can be shared if a stable or group wish to book sessions on the same day.
I also treat:
Domestic pets e.g. cats, dogs, Large animals e.g. horses
My home is my base but I see clients at their base, as a rule, so do not list my address routinely.
Facebook details @highlandanimalreiki
Phone Number/s:
07340 032233
Code of Ethics:
I agree to practise according to the Reiki Association's Code of Ethics
Terms and Conditions:
I agree to the Reiki Association's Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Highland Animal Reiki.  My name is Debbie O'Hara and I am a Reiki Practitioner who has  been offering a Highland Animal Reiki service for the animals, pets and people of our community since June 2016. Based in Lochaber the service is also available across Highland and for surrounding areas such as Argyll and Bute.

Reiki, as a hands on healing technique, works alongside conventional medicine/veterinary service and other complementary therapies.  Reiki will help to alleviate a range of symptoms whether physical, emotional, mental health or due to other circusmtances such as life changing situations or palliative care. It can also be a wonderful routine gift to yourself (or your pet) to maintain a well balanced and optimum state of health and well-being.

Reiki enhances relaxation and promotes healing for people, pets, wild life and a whole range of situations and circumstances. Reiki is a gentle 'hands on healing practice' where the practitioner’s hands are placed on, or near, prescribed locations around the body which are aligned and associated with our energy wheels, known as Chakra’s.  These points relate to aspects of our health and well-being and I can discuss this and provide material to explain how this works.

As a Reiki  practitioner I have been been taught, by a Reiki Master, how to work with and channel the universal healing energy during a Reiki session.  We are the conduit for the energy to work through and it is the energy that is bringing the benefit to our clients.  I complete Continual Professional Development regularly  via courses, reading, belonging to peer groups and/or through workingh alongside other Masters and Practitioners.  I aim to receive a re-attunment myself every year or two.

If energy or Qi is blocked in a person or animal we are more likely to experience ‘dis-ease’ which in turn may cause lethargy, stress or illness whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Likewise if our energy is harmonious and at good levels we are more able to feel, and be, healthier, more relaxed and happier.

As mentioned, Reiki as a complementary therapy works alongside conventional medicine.  As practitioners we do not diagnose and are not a substitute for conventional medicine.

My first Reiki qialification (Reiki1) was achieved in 2010 and I have, since this time, trained up to Reiki Advanced pratitioner.  In my lineage that is 4 certificated qualifications and ongoing practice and development.  In my lineage we are required to parctice for a minimum of 6 months before taking the next qualification with ongoing continual professional development.  In 2019 I am planning further training, within a well known Animal Reiki lineage, specifically in Animal Reiki and up to Master level.

To supplement the Reiki training I also join in with associated learning and attend courses on a range of animal behaviours, health and well-being, reading and case study with colleagues.  My 'other'  professional career is in Health/Social care and Learning so via my long career there is also experince and CPD complementary to my associated Reiki learning.

In my Reiki practitce I do prefer that the person requesting Reiki (for themselves or an animal) consider discussing this step with their GP or pets Veterinary practitioner - although this is not mandatory.  Such conversation could be a simple telephone call unless a vet/GP appointment is due anyway. I prefer this as I think it is courteous and my clients do tend to link with their GP or Veterinary service before we commence Reiki sessions ... however this is optional and entirely up to the referring client.

I very much hope that you will get in touch if you need to.  Thank you.

Interested? What to do next:
Look up my page on Facebook @highlandanimalreiki
e mail:
Phone: 07340032233

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