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Land of Reiki in Nottingham *** New!

TRA Member
I am a Reiki practitioner verified by:
The Reiki Association
Date of first Reiki initiation:
17 January 1999
Date of second Reiki initiation:
13 June 1999
Date of Reiki initiation as a master:
8 April 2002
In-person initiation:
I confirm my master was physically present during all my Reiki initiations mentioned above.
Lineage of initiating master for mastery:
Naou Estrada,Carmencita Ignatti, Sandra Olivieri,Cyndi Power, William Lee Rand,Carol Farmer, Leah Smith, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, HawayoTakata, Chujiro Hayashi, Mikao Usui.
Style/system of Reiki taught:
Locations I cover with my teaching:
Nottingham, Derby, East Midlands
There is parking available close to where I offer treatments, I offer training at a venue that has easy access for wheelchairs
Please contact me for details of my fees
I offer Master level training:
Yes, please contact me for details
11 Penrose Court, Selston
Phone Number/s:
Code of Ethics:
I agree to practise according to the Reiki Association's Code of Ethics
Terms and Conditions:
I agree to the Reiki Association's Terms and Conditions

A Reiki seminar is a unique moment and totally different from a usual course.

There are many ways to learn Reiki, in a big or small group and one to one.

And when someone, like you, decided to attend a Reiki class/seminar is important find out which format you feel more comfortable.

Another important aspect is respect the natural flow of Reiki energy and the empathy between Student and Teacher.
When occurs, Reiki brings the student to the teacher when he/she is ready and a lesson to be learned not just by the student perspective but vice-versa too.

A Reiki student will be a student always, not matter which level he/she achieved.

I prefer to see every prospective student as clients at least once before the seminar. It's a great opportunity to meet each other.

Get in touch with me to arrange your Reiki treatment.

Thank you :)

Interested? What to do next:
You can contact me by phone, email, through my website or Facebook

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