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This is an exciting opportunity in charity funding and grant applications.

We are looking for someone who has proven Major Donor and/or Community fundraising experience and some time to help bring in funds for Full Circle Fund Therapies’ hospital based project - Connecting Reiki with Medicine.

Funds are required to support different elements of this visionary project including the provision of: a rigorous, clinical training as part of Full Circle’s commitment to evidence based, best practice in acute medical settings, including in depth induction and clinical training programme for new practitioners, an extensive clinically-based mentoring programme, data gathering, confidential data management, preparation of reports and case studies, analysis and systematic review of quantitative and qualitative data to support rationale for future research into the application of Reiki in various diverse and complex medical environments.

This project also includes the work of a post graduate Research Assistant [typically a PhD graduate or similar], an Academic Research Lead based at St George’s University of London (or another recognized research institution and as directed by Full Circle’s Research Committee).

As a comprehensive evidence-based project, it therefore requires support for the ongoing commitment and work of the Full Circle team of carefully selected, experienced and comprehensively trained Reiki practitioners.

This is a voluntary Fundraising role working in liaison with Full Circle Fund Therapies Fundraising leads. Please contact Feona Gray,
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