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Attunements while pregnant
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Posted 5:10 AM 3-11-2019
Dear Debbie and Alison, many thanks for your helpful and encouraging comments. Best wishes to you both and thanks for taking the time to answer.
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Posted 2:56 PM 31-10-2019

I was pregnant with my son for my Reiki Attunement level 1. It was beautiful. x

That was in 2005, I am now after some time a Reiki Master and have really enjoyed my journey.

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Posted 2:53 PM 31-10-2019
Hi There Myer
When I did my Reiki 1 course back in 2010 one of the other students was pregnant and our Reiki Master was delighted to attune her and her unborn child simultaneously - I have not heard anything negative about this ever. I imagine it can only be beneficial for Mother and child.
Thank you
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Posted 7:34 PM 29-10-2019

Hi all. A friend of mine is hoping to attend Reiki 1 and has recently found out (very happily) she is pregnant. I have never heard of any warnings againt having Reiki attunements while pregnant - in fact I should think it could only do both mother and baby good. But just to be on the safe side, I would appreciate hearing if anyone else knows or has heard anything against it, or has any other insight on this subject. Many thanks for your input!