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Reiki for ADHD
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Posted 8:04 AM 21-9-2019
Hello, trying focusing on your third eye whilst meditating, as I have found that helps my students to stay focused. If you find yourself drifting in a meditation don’t worry it’s normal just keep bring yourself back to the meditation. Over time you will find you will be able to stay with the meditation you just keep knocking the thoughts back. It is hard work it took me 18 months to learn to meditate
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Posted 10:36 AM 30-9-2018

i was wondering if anyone has some advice for clearing thoughts, and focussing whilst meditating?

I’m struggling to practice on myself routinely, and connect with Reiki, as my thoughts keep going in all directions. I am treated with medication; howvever, I still struggle to motivate myself to practice daily as I dread the intrusive thoughts.

If anyone could offer advice, preferably from personal experience, I’d be very grateful.