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Connecting Reiki with Medicine Update
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Posted 11:31 AM 24-3-2018

Yes Mark, that video link and the few words below it are perfect. Simple and effective with the link to the fundraising page - the only thing is that the link I gave you in my last post here is better. Attached is the facebook header which you could use on your Facebook page to help us create awareness but also on your website page. We also have a special Facebook page for supporters but invitations are issued to join the page only to those who have donated. Thank you so much.

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Posted 10:54 AM 24-3-2018

Thanks Feona

I will draft a page for my website: and send you an image of it before I make it live to approve the content.

This is the other website I was referring to:

Kind regards


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Posted 10:31 AM 24-3-2018

Thank you for your interest and support Mark. Much appreciated. We have a Facebook header which you can use. You can also take any information using the wording from the Connecting Reiki with Medicine website or videos so long as there is a clear link to the Total Giving fundraising page. You can share or use on your website the Connecting Reiki with Medicine video(s) and presentation on YouTube.

The preferred fundraising link is:

The key is that so long as you are clearly posting information about this project in order to give it exposure for fundraising purposes, you are very welcome to take any information (in context) you wish from the official website, videos and updates which have been carefully scrutinised by the CEO of the charity and trustees including consultants. However, if you need any graphics, we will need to send those we are happy to have used to you by email - just message me with your private email address.

Thank you also for being sensitive to the need for fundraising activities to be based on accurate information, but I am not sure what website you are referring to when you ask the question 'Where did that other website get the information from?'

Please note that there is a page on Connecting Reiki with Medicine on this website. The text there is also fully approved.

In gratitude,


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Posted 9:28 AM 24-3-2018

Do you have a sample of the text/photos/media that you would like to put on our website/FB pages? How much are we allowed to use?

Some guidlines on the use would be helpful as we live in such a litigious society now, the last I want is to be sued for using the wrong information.

Where did that other website get the information from?

Thanks, Mark

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Posted 9:19 PM 21-3-2018
You too can help! If you have a website, it would be so much appreciated if you could spare some space on your homepage for a little entry in support of Connecting Reiki with Medicine. Although not on the homepage, here is a perfect example of how simple the entry can be:
Thank you TRA member Sonya Barba for your support.
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Posted 7:16 PM 14-3-2018

Liz Watkinto TOUCH - A Reiki Community Magazine

16 February at 12:11 ·

On Monday, Soyin Tang and I had the huge privilege of visiting Full Circle to meet with Suzie Ruggles (the founder of Full Circle) and Melanie Glanville (Lead Practitioner) to discuss the Connecting Reiki With Medicine (CRWM)research project that is currently underway.

We learned so much about the vitally important in-depth, intense clinical training the practitioners receive before they are allowed anywhere near any patients, as well as the huge amount of 'invisible' work going on in the background to ensure that this is a high quality, thoroughly professional Clinical Trial.

We were also shown round one of the wards used in the trial - effectively a High Dependency Unit, given how very ill most of the patients on there are. The warmth and respect of the ward staff for Suzie and Melanie was obvious from the moment we stepped through the ward door. Their work is clearly highly valued already.

It was a thoroughly inspirational visit and absolutely confirmed for me that CRWM can only do good for the entire Reiki community worldwide as it can put Reiki 'up there' with Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Massage therapy as a professionally recognised and trusted therapy in medical settings. is totally reliant on donations to support it, so I ask all of you, yes - YOU, whether you have Reiki, receive Reiki or are just interested in Reiki, to make a donation now to allow this amazing and unique Clinical Trial to continue its work. It'll take two minutes to click on the link and donate, but your donation could fund further Clinical training for new practitioners to the trial, an hour of data collection, the development of Reiki onto new wards, etc. etc.

Every single penny really does count.

Thank you.

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Posted 3:31 PM 12-3-2018

This statement has been approved by Suzanne Ruggles, CEO of Full Circle Fund Therapies Charity, St George's Hospital, London.

We are thrilled to report that we are over half way to reaching our initial fundraising goal of £90,000 all of which has come from fundraising activities and individual donors from the general Reiki community. How encouraging it is to have got this far!

The project now has four practitioners on high dependency wards at St George's - Melanie Glanville, Raquel Martin, Anne-Marie Carratu and Teresa Durant. They each have their own stories to tell. However, we can say that their presence and professionalism in the medical settings where they work is making a real difference to the quality of patients' lives and to the way Reiki is understood and accepted in areas of acute medicine.

Visit to St George's

Many of you will have read feedback on Facebook (TRA and Touch pages dated February 16) from Liz Watkin following her visit to St George's together with Soyin Tang. The wealth of work that Liz has done with Parkinson's patients is now being explored by Suzanne Ruggles (CEO of Full Circle Fund Therapies) with a view to structuring a new project and possible pilot study into the benefits of Reiki for Parkinson's patients.

Clinical Research

A great deal of work is going on both on the ground and in exploring possible areas of future research. In the background. we are looking at previously completed, well-designed studies that have taken place around the world, particularly in the States, to identify further sources of data and which of these recommend larger scale trials or further research.

While much of the background work is happening on a voluntary basis, funding is critically needed to make it all happen on the ground and to enable Reiki in hospitals to spread outwards from the robust clinical practice model that has been put in place over the last year at St George's, and which is beginning to be 'noted' by other medical establishments.

The Clinical Practice Model

The Connecting Reiki with Medicine team is hugely optimistic about the careful and systematic way Reiki has been introduced at St George's. Thanks to the unique clinical practice model and the dedication of both the Full Circle team and the Reiki practitioners, we can be very proud of the wonderful way Reiki has become integrated and accepted in such super sensitive areas of critical care within the hospital.

The potential and importance of this project for the credibility of Reiki and its role within healthcare generally cannot be underestimated. What is happening can within a matter of a few years become a game changer for Reiki in medical settings, not just at St George's but throughout the NHS and hospitals around the world.

Everyone that has a public practice will benefit from what comes from such a teaching hospital as St George's; there will be more jobs for practitioners and ever greater numbers of very sick people will get to experience Reiki and the benefits we all know it gives.

Contributing to the future of Reiki in healthcare settings

We ask that everyone with Reiki in their lives donates whatever they can to this initiative and helps with ongoing fundraising in creative ways. Just £55 pays for Reiki to reach at least four patients, covering all the data collection and analysis costs.


Please donate HERE.


Please watch this wonderful video filmed at St George's Hospital:


Collection tins

Collection tins are now available to anyone holding or attending a large event or for anyone who feels they can place a tin in places where there will be a natural attraction to the project and good footfall.


Thank you.

Author: Feona Gray

Founder member Connecting Reiki with Medicine

On behalf of the Connecting Reiki with Medicine team

Working with Full Circle Fund Therapies Charity

St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


SW17 0QT



FullCircle is a registered Trade Mark of Full Circle Fund Therapies | Registered Charity no. 1162010 (England and Wales) | Registered Company no 9554871