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Posted 5:40 PM 27-11-2017
I've signed and forwarded the link to my MP
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Posted 1:50 AM 4-11-2017


Anne-Marie Carratu, Secretary for the Reiki Council and Vice Chair of the UKRF has been attending the House of Commons meetings relating to Complementary and Alternative Medicine for some time now. She has reported back on the discussion which took place at the last meeting held at the House of Commons regarding the possible removal of herbal and homeopathic medicines from NHS England.

It was stressed particularly that now, of all times in the history of complementary therapies, we should work together to thwart this latest attack. David Tredinnick MP highlighted the very real threat that, if this gets through, then this will be the start of a decline in the public’s eruption of therapies, now deemed unsafe by the NHS. If this should get passed by Government, which therapy would come under fire next?

He urged all of us in the room to work together across the board of the many different therapies represented, to promote the petition (below) and to ask anyone and everyone to sign it as it is in all our interests. The aim is to get 100,000 signatures as this is the number required in order to be considered for debate in Parliament.

We are urging ALL members of the Reiki family in the UK to take just a few minutes to read and sign this petition. If ever you have wanted to make a contribution to the assist the work which Complementary Medicine can achieve in the world, then NOW is the time.

Please get involved and spread the word to get as many signatures as possible. Ask everyone, friends, family, and colleagues.

Let us move as ONE!!!

With thanks for your support

Brenda Davies, Chair Reiki Council