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TRA July Webinar - Enneagram with Gordon Melvin

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When: Tuesday 5th July 2022, 7.30pm to 9.00pm
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Please join us for an introduction to the Enneagram with Gordon Melvin.

Gordon Melvin first came across the Enneagram in the 1970s, thanks to his tutor at Art College.


A decade later, while working as a Hospital Chaplain in the NHS, a colleague shared some writings on the Enneagram with him, suggesting that he may find it interesting and Gordons journey with the Enneagram began in earnest.


Over the subsequent years, he has found the Enneagram process to be healing and accurate, and he has devoted his working life to teaching the system.


The other gift Gordon describes being presented to him during this time, is Reiki. He describes Reiki as his mainstay, a daily part of his spiritual discipline and an effective way to bring deeper healing when working with the things that the Enneagram may bring up.


We look forward to learning more and hope you will join us to welcome Gordon Melvin.


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