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Reiki for Animals - A TRA monthly event

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When: Regular meetings - 3rd Wednesday of every month, 6.55pm - 8.00pm UK time
At: This is an online meeting using Zoom software. If you do not have this already, it is free and can be downloaded just before joining the meeting, but doing this well in advance can save rushing.
The Event:

This is a recurring online meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 6.55pm to 8.00pm, using Zoom software





TRA members are invited to bring their animals and sit in Reiki as we send to the animals within our lives and beyond.


All animals are open and acceptable to Reiki healing and we invite you to come along with kindness and gratitude to send Reiki together.

Every month we send Reiki to a cause we are asked to or which we have felt come to us during meditation.

Each month together for the last 10 minutes we send Reiki to an animal/s who is suffering which we have been asked to by their guardian/s.


Please be prompt and logged in to Zoom by 6.55pm ready for the 1 hour share. The necessary link to the event, together with the meeting ID and passcode are shown below when logged in to our website. These remain the same each month.



Looking forward to seeing you!


The Animal Reiki Team

Lynda, Diane, Debbie, Rachel, Marian, Lou, Sheila.

TRA MEMBERS: Please log in to this website to see the REGISTRATION LINK FOR THIS EVENT,
Host: The Reiki Association
Main Contact: Diane Tyrrell
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