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Free Distant Reiki session for all

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When: First Thursday of each month 10 am to 11 am, UK time
At: online
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The Reiki Association (TRA) offers a free online Reiki session to promote wellbeing on the first Thursday of each month. Anybody who would like to benefit from Reiki is welcome – Reiki students as well as people who are not Reiki students. Everyone who joins the session will receive Distant Reiki treatment for 20 minutes.


Reiki students are invited to practise Reiki with us. Reiki 1 students can join in with self-treatment. Reiki 2 students & Reiki Masters can join in with the remote Reiki treatment. 

Time: 10 am to 11 am UK time.


You are welcome to invite people who may wish to benefit from Reiki. TRA members will receive the zoom link through email or the facebook members group. Non members will need to subscribe to TRA newsletter email, to receive the invitation with the link. It is possible to unsubscribe at any time.


You are welcome to make a Donation to support TRA's online activities.


Please email for more info.


Here is some feedback from TRA members who have been joining this session:
I found hearing the feedback from the Age UK participants extremely moving. At this time, when we are so separated from the world, getting real time feedback is even more special.” - MC

During the sending I experienced a really strong sense of being held, safe and guided despite all the turbulence showing up in the outside world. That indeed All is Well.” - MR

Here is some feedback from Age UK members who have been joining this session:

"The sessions have helped me to function better - mentally, emotionally, and even physically, as my mind relaxes and becomes more intuitive.  I feel a much needed bubble of shared sanity and acceptance - and joy in the session.  And I feel heard and safe.  The Reiki Association are clearly experienced and committed  - and kind.

PLEASE keep this service going!"  - A

"Reiki has taught me to relax and begin to think positive despite any set back.  Reiki has helped me a lot with my health. Before REIKI my spine would be painful. Sometimes I stayed awake for long hours. Now I sleep through the night. I am calmer. I have learnt a lot about patience. I am in a better place because of AGE UK introducing Reiki." - H

"I really look forward to Thursday mornings and the Reiki session. It is a safe and supportive space, relaxing and healing for all." - CS

"I found reiki gave me a sense of calm with a warm feeling enveloping my body"


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