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TRA February Webinar - Healing power of Music with Reiki Master and Musician, Plinio Cutait

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When: Tuesday 1st February 2022, 7.30pm to 9.00pm GMT
At: On line event using Zoom software. Please register in order to receive a link
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The Reiki Association invites you to experience the healing power of music with Reiki Master and Musician, Plinio Cutait

In order to navigate the uncertainty at this time, we need to deepen connection with the heart. Music can help us, especially songs like Corazon and Silencio de Corazon. Plinio says these are not songs they are prayers. Please join us for an hour of conversation and music with Plinio Cutait. He has been a Reiki master since 1994. He was a professional musician for 15 years, till 1992.


Many people in the global Reiki community are familiar with his music. You may have heard the song 'One circle, one fire, one spirit'. It feels like time to introduce him and his music to The Reiki Association community.


This webinar is open to all - non members are welcome to join us too.


Plinio's music is available on several music platforms on the internet. He has been a member of The Reiki Alliance since 1994. He also served on the board of The Reiki Foundation International from 1999 to 2011. He created and co-ordinates the Integrative Care Nucleus programme at the Hospital Sírio Libanês in Sao Paulo, Brasil since 2008. He has 3 children and 4 grandchildren...


The Reiki Association Webinars are free for our members. Donations to support the work of The Reiki Association are received with gratitude. For people who are not members of The Reiki Association, the cost is £5.


This webinar will take place via Zoom - you will need to register here to receive the Zoom link. The webinar will be recorded. Recording will be shared with all Reiki Association members. If you are not a member of The Reiki Association, and you would like to receive the recording, then you do need to register. Please contact if you need help to register.

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