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TRA members may see a larger selection of collections when logged in to the website than are visible otherwise.
Only members can set up new collections, or contribute photos or files to anyone else's collections.

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Collections can be created for almost any purpose. They can be collections of photos, graphics, documents etc. They could be to do with Reiki or nothing at all.
Only members of TRA can contribute items or participate in comments and discussions. You can create a collection to which only you contribute, or you can select others to join you. Or, you can offer an open invitation to members to contribute, but with your permission. (You must first add any new contributor to your 'friends' list).
You have options to show your collection to all website visitors, just TRA members, just friends, or just members of your group of contributors. You can even make it completely private, (to the extent it does not even show in the listings here). You can decide whether all members or only friends can join in discussions or place comments.
You can select others to help manage the collection and you can pass the leadership of the contributors on to someone else, even if you no longer remain as a contributor. The whole collection set up will move to the new leader.
If you are interested in starting a collection go to My Collections
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