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In May 2019, Connecting Reiki with Medicine (CRWM) organised a memorial circle to honour the day that Phyllis Lei Furumoto was meant to teach a workshop at St George’s Hospital – ‘Dying for beginners’. Sitting in the circle, while the group was remembering Phyllis’s visit to the hospital in October 2018, it seemed as if Phyllis was able to see the potential of this project focussed not just on connecting but integrating Reiki with Medicine. She made a special visit to London in October 2018, to visit St George’s and meet the CRWM team.

Through her visit she seemed to be helping shine the light of awareness on this project. It felt as if she was helping us see it and support it as a community to help strengthen the presence of Reiki, by gathering evidence for Reiki, with the help of world class research facilities available at St George’s hospital. We hope that with support from the Reiki community, a credible evidence base will emerge for Reiki, just as there is for mindfulness, meditation, Yoga, and other modalities; so that Reiki can be accepted and offered through the mainstream.

Can you imagine the state of health and wellbeing if Reiki was available on NHS to everyone, not just a few people who are suffering from a serious health condition! This was one of Hawayo Takata’s wishes too – for Reiki to be as easily available as aspirin. Perhaps Phyllis is continuing to work with her grandmother to help manifest this.

Phyllis had this amazing ability to see the potential in people and situations. It was not and still is not always easy to be able to manifest it in linear time. Support and help from all Reiki students is needed to help manifest this. You can either donate money to CRWM, or give your time - send Reiki to support the project and help manifest it. Please contact Feona Gray for more information about the project, she is one of the founders of this initiative.

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