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“It’s bunkum” or “Reiki?! That sounds like new age witchcraft to me!”

You may have heard either of these statements, or one of a similar ilk and as such, you may be a little unsure about Reiki therapy because you heard some horror story about the second cousin of a friend of a friend who came out in boils and hives! –  Yes I have heard that story and no it wasn’t me!  Or, perhaps you have had a Reiki treatment before but you didn’t feel that you had a good experience. You are not the first but let me offer you a little reassurance…

People always experience Reiki energy differently and this is a good thing. It shows that the energy does not work on a ‘one size fits all’ level. Your experience is unique to you at that point in time. Have you ever made a casserole where you didn’t follow an exact recipe? You knew enough to know you wanted it to taste good but were happy to experiment with ingredients to create something comforting and heart-warming.

Imagine Reiki working the same way. The end result is something comforting and heart-warming to nourish your mind, body and soul. Imagine your practitioner as your personal chef creating a wonderful dish just for you. They may use different Reiki symbols (ingredients) to help the energy flow to where it needs to go. Their style (cooking method) may be a little unfamiliar to you and that is okay because Reiki is always safe and only ever works from a place of good intention for your own highest good.  It is that willingness to remain open to new ingredients and methods which helps the Reiki energy flow giving you that sense of wholesomeness you need and deserve – just like a healthy casserole!

If you have experienced Reiki before then you may be familiar with some sensations; That tingling sensation you felt? Yes that was the energy. That warmth? Yes, that was the energy too. But what about the anxiety you felt? that feeling of edginess that something wasn’t right? What about those Samantha?  I completely understand and I can help explain that…

I have been a Reiki Practitioner for nine years and even now I experience something different. A new blend of colours or feelings of coolness where there was once warmth.  Even a little fear where there was once comfort. This is all perfectly normal. It is really dependent on where the energy needs to work. Current issues can feel warm whereas older, deep-rooted issues may feel cooler to the recipient – particularly when working on a soul level. I remember having a treatment from a very good friend of mine, whom I trust implicitly and whom I’ve had many treatments from and I felt somewhat cool and what I can only describe as edgy for what felt like the majority of the session. I discussed this with her afterwards and she explained that she felt she needed to work on my Solar Plexus. She didn’t know why, as practitioners we often don’t, we just go with our instincts, we are the conduit for the energy no to diagnose possibilities. So I considered this and thought : “Solar Plexus, hmmm the Chakra relating to self-esteem…personal power…metabolism, digestion…what is going on there?” Then it dawned on me.

About five years previously I had battled issues surrounding my sense of personal identity, what I was doing with my life and suffered a fair amount of anxiety over this. The sensations I experienced during my treatment were telling me that I had unfinished business with regard to overcoming my anxiety and be more accepting of myself.  There was work to still be done.  I took that guidance and used it to self-heal. In essence I accepted allowed these new ingredients and sensations  to happen because I knew they were only acting in my best interests despite their unfamiliarity. It is important to remember that even the best casserole, doesn’t taste quite right halfway through it’s cooking process –  It needs time, allowance and, most importantly, a little faith to achieve the end result of that wonderful dish you have been waiting for!


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