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This summer after having tried for many years I managed to sail from Southampton to the Scilly Isles and back! The weather smiled on us, well at least some of the time! This for me was a major achievement and a massive learning curve  of personal development discovering just how far I can push myself and how immensely satisfying it is to step up to a challenge and succeed. 
A picture of our arrival in The Scilly Isles...turned out to have a rock in it which made a perfect V! V for victory. Just magical. 
What challenges have you put in place for yourself this September to help you keep that sunny feeling?  Will you have the perseverance to see it through? I have just launched my new website so take a look   Let me help you to stay on track and achieve your goals and dreams.  Not got the time to see me in person?....Why not give the 'online' Key Programmes a try?  You also get full online support from me throughout.  Remember it is never too late to choose to change, to step out into a new and exhilarating life.  Sometimes we just need a helping hand to support us as we walk bravely towards our dreams of love, joy and peace.
Let September be the month that you set out to find your 'Victory' however large or small.  We all start with baby steps!! Take that baby step and call/email me to discuss your new way forward.

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