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Category: Support

Restoration of communion with Earth is a wonderful Body Process, which has to be experienced.

The soles of the feet are lightly touch and the Access Clearing Statement is used to let the energy flow.

Just when the earth is providng us with so many wonderful opportunites to view with wonder her new trees flowers birds animals all the new life that spring shows us. And we are too busy to notice, our concerns bog us down with cares and problems to be solved. This gentle yet powerful process lets go of that and we can reconnect with the earth in a different way. There is a beautifu maple tree outside my front door and the beauty and magesty is something to behold. A mountain ash tre a few weeks ago was throwing out a beautifu rich scent from its flowers every time I opened the front door. was it trying to tell me something? Was is i communicating in it's own way? 

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