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Category: channelled

One of the nice things about writing books for angels is the number of predictions about the future they include.  As time goes by I see these predictions crop up in current events. The latest one is the wave of Extinction Rebellion protests around the world. In my book And I Saw A New Earth they talked about the souls incarnating since 1986.

picture by DAVID HOLT

Excerpt (shortened) from And I Saw A New Earth:

We have mentioned that those born after 1986 are carrying a lot of light in their persons. Not all of them, but it was the plan that there would be enough to create change once they arrived. These young people are going to be harder to fool as they grow older, the fact that they carry a bright light will begin a process of uncovering hidden secrets. They are also the generation that has nothing to lose, the first generation of young people to be disregarded by their governments. Why did that happen? They will be free to act without fear of losing their jobs because they are young, and the rewards of being inside the institutions are not theirs. They are outside the system. These young people have no stake in prolonging the present society where a few benefit and the rest pay for it. Their non-involvement with the established society will pull the supports from under it. They will not be part of the establishment, and it won’t be realised until too late that without them it can’t continue in it present form

Here is your ready-made force for change, and in the next few years this generation of young people will see when they are being lied to. They will either turn and walk away from the system altogether, or put themselves in a position to tear it down from the inside. One day this will be the generation living in a world of light they helped to create and it will be built on different foundations from the old world. As people of light they will not establish more systems designed to damage the planet or divide humanity, but choose to knock down the barriers. When the overall human soul chose to make a difference and get the game back on track it incarnated an army of light workers as part of the plan. The human soul group could see the new Earth and the new opportunities she would bring and didn’t want to be stuck in the same old mud.

Your young people are here to rescue you all.

And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw A New Earth available from Amazon or myself.


©Candace Caddick

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Category: personal

I took a group into the centre of Stonehenge in March, which is something I hadn’t been able to do for a few years, not since 2015. It’s not always easy for me to get enough tickets for a workshop from English Heritage.

The Stonehenge energy in the last four years has built up to peak flow, up through the henge, spreading out around the Earth to the opposite side where it dives back in to re-emerge at Stonehenge. This is good news, as this is the Earth’s protective shield and it is strong again. You are in this energy when you walk around the outside of the stones, but once in the middle the stones themselves hold this energy and reflect it at you, holding the vibration in place. It’s intense. The gaps in the stones give you views into other rooms, other dimensions.

Since that visit I’ve felt lighter, like all of my energy bodies had a powerful spring clean. I can feel the space that had been created in me, a bit like a piece of emmenthal or swiss cheese. I’ve been careful to maintain my daily Reiki treatments to fill the holes with light and have spent a lot of time outside. I recommend splashing out on an inner circle ticket if you get the chance by booking a ticket in advance.  


Below is the experience of one young woman from the workshop:

“I really enjoyed the visit to Stonehenge, thank you for organising and facilitating the event! I found the experience very grounding and interesting to see the intensity of energy sparks and shapes (possibly light codes). During the visit to the centre of the circle I noticed that the stones which formed a door way (remained upright with a stone across the top of two) had a intriguing blanket type texture between the stones which rippled. It was very mesmerising and relaxing to watch and to stand inside. Since the visit I have left very grounded and interestingly have noticed more things about myself and actions encouraging me to be more mindful and aware.”  

©Candace Caddick

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