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Category: personal

by Candace.

I have been busy creating a schedule of workshops and Reiki classes for the first half of 2015. There are days planned at the great stone circles of Avebury, Woodhenge and inside Stonehenge. (The Stonehenge visit is not quite finalized as English Heritage is part of the picture. They need the numbers of attendees, so please let me know if you are interested in going.) There are separate flyers attached to the calendar page on my website with workshop descriptions and dates, and the entire schedule is available as a calendar drop-down list to copy and paste if you desire.

I would love to have people come to these outdoor workshops – you just need to be there in person to fully benefit from the sites. That’s why people traveled to them in the past.

Stonehenge picture – English Heritage

Various people have been asking me about heating yourself with crystals now that it’s getting colder. My guides keep telling me it’s more important to get people into the stone circles and teach how to use them for themselves. The changes that take place inside the circles will help you with every aspect of your spiritual journey. I haven’t forgotten about heating, though. It was 12C today out where I write and I was warm enough. Last winter I know it was colder (below 9C) inside the garden chalet.

Please email me on the TRA messages or my website’s “contacts” page, and I hope to see you next year! Keep an eye on the Events page of this site for details.

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