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The date of September 23, 2018 became an important moment in Reiki history, with the unveiling of Mikao Usui's memorial monument at his native village, in Taniai, Japan. The event in Japan brought together over 120 Reiki practitioners from several countries.

The raising of the moment was the initiative of Hiroshi Doi Sensei, who, together with Gendai Reiki Center, made this project dedicated to Mikao Usui to be realized. It is the second memorial in Japan in honor of the Reiki founder, the first being the memorial in the Saihoji cemetery.

The Asociatia Reiki Usui (from Romania) has participated in the sponsorship of the monument from Japan. The name of the Reiki Usui Association is written on the backboard of the Mikao Usui monument and we thank all those who supported this project. We are grateful to Hiroshi Doi Sensei and the Gendai Reiki Center for their dedication in implementing this project and organizing the festive event.

The traditional Shinto ceremony at the unveiling the monument was followed by a banquet where Association Usui Reiki participated with 18 representatives from Brasov, Baia Mare, Buzau, Ploiesti and Targu Mures. This participation at the festive moment is a follow-up to the first meeting in Japan in 2015, when four members of the association participated in Reiki training with Hiroshi Doi sensei.

The organizers, at the festive event, invited representative peoples to take a short speech. Thus spoke Hiroshi Doi Sensei, representatives of local and regional officials, representatives of Reiki from Japan and abroad, including EnikÅ‘ Simon, president of the Asociatia Reiki Usui (Brasov, Romania). 

A little fragment from my speech "Reiki bring us together in this festive day at the birthplace of Mikao Usui sensei. Our Association's story start in 2006, after 12 years of Reiki practice, when 10 Reiki teachers and friends decided to go together on the Reiki path.  We can honor our teachers and keep the resonance with the Universal Love when we practice Reiki self-energizing daily. In the association, at our Reiki Home, together we have in each year more than 7500 hours of Reiki practice both ourselves and patients. We are grateful to can attend this unique and festive event. "

Keeping this moment in our heart, we will remind how to live our life in Light, Love and Harmony.


Enikő Simon


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