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Hi! I’m Enikő from Hungary & Romania!

At the age of 20 I was having health issues. That was when I started to contemplate if life may also have another meaning besides the physical/material existence. Reiki came to me naturally, after a period of search and disappointment, at the precise moment I needed something to return the value and purpose of my own life to me.

I came in contact with Reiki in 1995. In 2001 I received one of the most beautiful gifts of the Universe, the level of master and professor of Usui Shiki Ryoho. I started practicing Reiki at the age of 24 so I grew alongside this energy and Love. I benefited from the guidance of a patient Reiki Master, who allowed me to assist him for 6 years at all his courses and who then left the Reiki practitioners group formed under my guidance. This was an act of love from his part. For this I am grateful to him.

During my first years of Reiki practice I experienced difficult periods and I searched for confirmations and sensations. It took time, patience and a lot of experience with Reiki until I freed myself from the wish to be acknowledged and I allowed Universal Love to manifest itself in my actions, thoughts and emotions. After each stage of knowledge and search I came to the conclusion that Reiki remains the method closest to my soul through its simplicity, safety and naturalness. So I kept the simple and natural way of the Reiki technique. I practice and teach Reiki in two authentic schools, as they were entrusted to me by my teachers, the only modification being the return to the Reiki essence and roots through the introduction of the original Japanese exercises and practices.

In 2015 during my training in Japan and the Dento Reiki workshop held by Hiroshi Doi Sensei in Madrid I received confirmation that the Reiki I practice is authentic and correct, as the energy of the Universe is used without involving personal will and mental elements.

Until today life has offered me many chances to change and live fulfilled and Reiki is that wonderful part of it. The courage to be myself supported me in realising my dreams, combining in my day-to-day life my profession, the ability to work with people and spirituality.

I like simple, clear and natural things. The purpose of this book is to speak in a simple, clear and practical manner about Reiki. I present the methods and solutions through which I have found balance in dealing with personal problems and challenges.

It is said we can only teach others what we are ourselves. Reiki has taught me to love life and people, to be open, to find and appreciate real value, to free myself from illusions and fear, to respect and accept myself. Reiki has given me a holistic vision on life, in all its forms of manifestation.

What is your purpose in life? What is important in your life? What does happiness mean to you?

Sensei Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, was searching for the purpose of life, happiness and thus entered in resonance with Reiki on Mount Kurama. He passed on Reiki as a technique that naturally supports the physical body (health) and the spirit (happiness).

Just as there are several paths leading us to the top of a mountain, in life there are several opportunities and ways of reaching happiness. Reiki is a natural “way”, secure, beautiful; it is one of the forms through which the Universe effuses its Love upon us. We receive help in life (for instance through Reiki), but we have to walk the “way” ourselves; we ourselves are responsible for our lives.

I practice Reiki daily, next to my professional activity. During my 22 years of practice I was able to re-establish real values in my life, to regain self-respect and self-love and to find the way to happiness and fulfilment.

Gassho! Enikő,

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