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 As many of you may have already noticed I have a passionate belief in the Connecting Reiki With Medicine project and, at the recent Reiki Association Gathering, I gave a presentation about it to the group.

Many members present showed great interest and enthusiasm for CRwM and so I would like to share with you all the inspiring message which was sent to me by Suzie Ruggles, CEO of Full Circle Fund Therapies Charity which is hosting the Reiki programme at St George's Hospital.

Currently this amazing and unique clinical project is totally reliant on donations. It requires another £11,000 urgently to get to the phase of pilot studies, trials and clinical research.

Do please contribute what you can to:
Thank you...... Liz Watkin

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From Suzie Ruggles, Director/Founder of Full Circle Fund Therapies:

On behalf of Full Circle Fund Therapies, which proudly hosts ‘Connecting Reiki with Medicine’ at St George's Hospital, I would like to say how delighted I am at the development of this pioneering project.  Full Circle works in some of the most acute areas of need, from bone marrow transplantation, to the cancer wards to intensive care.  It goes without saying that people who are receiving life saving medical treatment are coping with enormous levels of stress and uncertainty. They are not only trying to navigate an often frightening and unfamiliar clinical environment, but also they are trying to cope with all the fears and uncertainties surrounding their diagnosis and the rigours of medical treatment and its side effects. People in the environments in which we work are at their most vulnerable and it is why, here at Full Circle, we have always felt there is a critical need to provide professional, caring, and meaningful support to provide a therapeutic spacethat helps each person find their inner calmness and resilience to endure what is ahead of them.  For Full Circle, supporting the whole person in the intensive clinical environment is the central reason our charity exists.

The NHS is a challenging and highly complex environment and it has taken slow and painstaking steps to get each of our projects and each of our therapies introduced and then accepted. With this in mind, when I was first asked to meet with Melanie Glanville and some of her Reiki colleagues, it was notable for me that the introduction was made by a senior cancer and transplant nurse, good friend and Reiki practitioner, Laura O'Regan. As a nurse she would see first hand, the real need. I had worked with Laura in the hospital’s haematology and transplant unit for over 10 years and she had seen Full Circle develop from its inception to supporting over 7,000 children, teenagers and adults.  We had the same vision.

I have great respect for Reiki and energy medicine in all its formats.  We became the ‘Connecting Reiki with Medicine’ project as I wanted to do what I could to help provide a platform for Reiki, and to help it to be introduced safely into our intensive clinical world.  We set about structuring a framework which included an extensive mentoring and induction programme, which then would involve an extended shadowing phase so that cleared Reiki practitioners could observe the complexities of delivering a service in this environment from one of our lead clinical practitioners.
I am thrilled to say that we now have four very special Reiki practitioners – Melanie Glanville, Raquel Martin, Anne-Marie Carratu and Teresa Durant who have passed through our in-depth induction and mentoring process with exemplary care, professionalism and compassion. We follow closely our different patient groups, which we do through service evaluation, and through this process we have the ability to start to see themes emerging. It is this systematic process that enables us to be directed to where we can focus possible future research projects.
The following three testimonials give a great sense of the benefit. Two of these patients were in sealed isolation rooms for weeks at a time, often cut off from family, coping with intensive chemotherapy and its side effects.  The third testimonial is from a young man with sickle cell disease.  I wanted to share this testimonial with you, as sickle cell disease is a life limiting inherited pain condition. He was hospitalized for an acute exacerbation of symptoms; his pain at this point is not able to be managed with any pain medication [morphine], thus for him to sleep, so quickly and then for so long and for the effects to last for 3-4 days is something special.  At Full Circle we were the first service in the UK to focus therapy support for this group; we are following this group's feedback with great interest.

The treatment was very calming and made me feel relaxed and reassured. It took my mind off pain. Therapist was very professional, caring and calming. I really appreciate the time and effort from the therapists. This was such a wonderful experience.
ID MG 02/11, RMU, Female, 63yrs, Lymphoma, 02/11/17

The Reiki therapist who looked after me in the sessions is very good. She had an amazing energy which helped to take away my worries and stress. I felt less pain and my sleep has improved after the treatment. It is a nice form of cleansing. I will definitely recommend.
ID MG/30/10B, RMU, Female, 63yrs, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, 30/10/17

I had Reiki for the first time and I slept like a baby. I went to sleep after 5 minutes of the beginning and had good relief of my pain. All I can say is a big thank you to all the team for their kind support and the help they have been giving to me. Thanks to all. The therapy helped me sleep well after going through sleepless nights for days to be honest. With you the team are doing very good work. The benefits of the therapy lasted 3-4 days.
ID RM. RMU14617, Male, 36yrs, Sickle Cell Disease, 15/06/17

I am honoured to have been able to introduce Reiki into the Full Circle Fund Therapies' fold.
We see so much need. We have so much more we can do. To use a building analogy, the plans are drawn, the foundations are strong, the 'building' is in place.  We hope you will come to help us complete this work.

11th May 2018

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