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In light of the latest advice from CNHC, only those TRA members who are currently registered with CNHC, can practice in-person during the current lockdown in England. Please visit the CNHC website for full information about other parts of the UK and to ensure you are following their guidance correctly.

If you have been through the verification process, and hold the certificate of a verified practitioner from a member organisation of The Reiki Council , registering with CNHC is quite simple. Please feel free to contact TRA’s Verification officer, Rain Mcmanus ( or membership secretary, Tripuri Dunne ( for help, if needed.

All TRA members who are not currently registered with CNHC, including those working with animals may wish to consider working remotely during this time, using level 2 Reiki practice. All TRA members are welcome to join the distant healing session on Thursday (10am to 11am) with Age UK members to observe how some TRA members are using level 2 Reiki practice with Zoom software to support the community. Please email for more info.

Please check with your insurer to confirm you are covered. Balens latest guidance is on their website.


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The Reiki Association endorses the latest advice received from CNHC, in line with the latest announcement from the Prime Minister on Oct 31, 2020. The Complementary Natural Health Council (CNHC) is the holder of an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, an independent body, accountable to the UK Parliament.

UPDATE: New national restrictions for England
On 31 October 2020 the Prime Minister announced new national restrictions for England. The new restrictions come into force on Thursday 5 November and last until Wednesday 2 December. All CNHC Registrants with practices in England must stop working from 5 November. You can find Government guidance on the new restrictions here.
Until Thursday 5 November, the relevant Local Covid Alert Level measures will continue to apply in the area where you live.
After 2 December the Government will look to return to a regional approach based on the latest data.

Please visit the CNHC website for latest updates from all the UK governments.

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Latest information sent from CNHC:

The NHS COVID-19 Test and Trace app launches on 24 September 2020 for England and Wales. A NHS QR code and official NHS poster is available.

The NHS COVID-19 app has a feature that allows users to quickly and easily ‘check in’ to your premises by scanning the code. The information stays on the user’s phone. In England, you do not have to ask people who choose to ‘check in’ using the official NHS QR code to provide their contact details for the purposes of Test and Trace. If there is an outbreak associated with your premises, a message will be sent to the relevant app users with the necessary public health advice.

The updated UK Government guidance for maintaining records for Test and Trace can be found here.

CNHC Registrants in England who provide close contact services (i.e. practise 'hands-on') must register for an official NHS QR code and display the official NHS QR poster from 24 September.

You can find helpful FAQs for England here.

The deadline for generating your NHS QR code and downloading your poster is 24 September 2020. You can do it here.

CNHC Registrants in Wales who provide close contact services (ie practise 'hands-on') are strongly encouraged to download the NHS QR code and official NHS poster.

You can find helpful FAQs for Wales here.

The deadline for generating your NHS QR code and downloading your poster is 24 September 2020. You can do it here.

A Welsh language version can be generated here.

Contact CNHC
If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact CNHC at


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The Reiki Medic-Care creators and organisers would like to thank all TRA members who have generously decided to volunteer to send Reiki to our wonderful frontline NHS nurses, doctors and paramedics.  Without you this volunteer service would not be possible.

The website is now live.  A test team has been sending 4-day Reiki treatments to consultants and a doctor at three different NHS hospitals (King’s, St George’s and The Royal Free), tweaking the system to make it the best it can be.  It is a thrill that the initiative is generating what seems to be genuine interest, and to have the honour to send Reiki to people who do so much for the nation and who now need extra help for themselves.

As we begin to roll out the project, we are looking for more practitioners to join us.  The door is permanently open for any Reiki II student who is a member of a Reiki Council member organisation and has valid insurance.

Well over 200 practitioners have been verified and are committed to the process.  We hold regular online shares and training sessions to build the community and to hold energy for each other.  We plan to have guest speakers and other fun offerings for the team too.  We also have a private Facebook page for our practitioners which allows us to come together safely.

Please visit the website to read all about Reiki Medic-Care and sign up via the Practitioner Registration link here:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Alexander Gray, Feona Gray, Seena Patel, Rosemary Pharo, Diana Shaw

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Latest update for in-person treatments from CNHC, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council:
In the Prime Minister's announcement today, the reopening in England of close contact services treating the highest risk zone (defined as "the area in front of the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth may be present, which can pose a hazard") that had provisionally been set for 1 August will now not take place until 15 August at the earliest.
We will keep you updated on Government announcements relating to the highest risk zone.
For more info and latest updates please visit:
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The Distant Treatment Option

  You may feel that you are not able to take on all the infection control precautions that will be required for practitioners returning to face to face treatments, or you may not have a suitable treatment space – for example if you offer treatments in a room inside your home.  It is also possible that you or someone in your family is at risk.  In these situations, while you may need the income there is no problem about waiting longer before you go back to in person treatments.

Reiki offers us an option that many other hands on treatments do not: distant treatment.  There are many options with distant treatment that you may wish to explore, helping to keep you, your clients and your family safe while also giving you some income.  If you have clients who already know you and are asking for treatments you can simply arrange a time and send them Reiki.   You could also offer an enhanced service by talking with them on the phone before and possibly after the treatment – to find out how they are that day and identify an intention for the Reiki treatment and to gather feedback about their experience afterwards.  One suggestion is to either let them call you back or to wait for a while after the treatment in case they have gone to sleep.

Another option would be to do a distant treatment using online conferencing, such as Zoom, Skype or other service.  You could then have a consultation similar to one you would have in person then send the Reiki treatment while remaining present with them online.  This allows them to be aware of what you are doing (you can turn off your camera while you draw the symbols if your practice is to keep them sacred) and they can comment/give feedback during the treatment.  This method may be useful for people who have not received Reiki before or are new to distant treatment.

Many people do not make a charge for distant treatment, but it is appropriate to do so if you are a public/professional practitioner.  You can decide for yourself how much this needs to be, but take into account your expertise in being able to send distant treatment, your time and the value of the treatment to the person you are sending to.  Remember this is a very safe option for everyone involved and can include those who have Covid-19 and their immediate circle.  It might be a good service to offer if people are having to self-isolate.

Kate Jones

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TRA endorses the latest advice received from CNHC for their registrants, with no clear date from any of the UK governments yet about when in-person, hands-on Reiki practice can resume.

Dear Registrant

We are writing to update you on the latest news on returning to work.

From 4 July 2020 the following restrictions have been eased:

  • The 2 metre social distancing rule has been relaxed to "1 metre plus" where 2 metres is not possible - but people will be encouraged to have mitigation in place to reduce risk of virus transmission.
  • Hair salons and barbers can reopen, but visors must be worn.

What does this announcement mean for CNHC Registrants practising in England?
Registrants who can maintain social distancing of 2 metres, and who have full infection control measures in place, may return to work on 4 July if that would be covered by their Professional Indemnity Insurance. CNHC guidance on preparing to return to work can be found here.

Clarification is required from government before ‘hands-on’ practitioners can return to work. We will be closely monitoring all the detailed government guidance.

Northern Ireland
In our previous email we informed you of the Northern Ireland Executive’s announcement that ‘contact’ retail businesses, such as those offering hairdressing and beauty treatments, can reopen on 6 July. 

We have now received more clarity from government in Northern Ireland and their announcement currently excludes hands-on therapies. No provisional date has been announced for the resumption of those services.

Registrants who can maintain social distancing of 2 metres, and who have full infection control measures in place, may return to work on 6 July if that would be covered by their Professional Indemnity Insurance. CNHC  guidance on preparing to return to work can be found here.

A possible date of reopening for non-contact therapies is 13 July. This date has yet to be confirmed. Again, more clarity is needed on the status of ‘hands-on’ therapies.

Self-employed Registrants in Scotland cannot return to practising face to face or ‘hands-on’. You should continue to work remotely if you are able to do so.

Next steps
We are seeking more clarity on the relaxation of measures in England and will be in touch by email with our updated guidance for ‘hand-on’ therapies.

We appreciate how extremely frustrating the lack of certainty from government is for Registrants practising ‘hands-on’ and we will be contact you again as soon as possible.

Contact us
If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Advice received from CNHC for its registrants:
Dear Registrant

CNHC published guidance on 29 May 2020 on preparing to return to work once it is safe to do so. The advice applies to all self-employed CNHC Registrant and can be found here.

Before publishing specific guidance for 'hands-on' therapies on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we were waiting for the Government to answer our question: "Whether, in the interests of public, safety  ‘hands-on’ practitioners should be deemed to be occupations that should wear PPE when they are able to return to practice - and if so, what items of PPE that should be?

Having not yet received a response to this question, we have decided to go ahead and publish advice based on Public Health England guidance on the use of PPE for primary care. This will allow those of you who practise 'hands-on' to  fully prepare to reopen your practices once it is safe to do so.

You can find our additional advice for 'hands-on' therapies here.

We will be contacting you with information on when the return to work can take place in a separate communication.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the attached guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Download our additional advice on practising "hands-on" here
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