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While listening to the webinar with Phyllis Lei Furumoto and her guest, Hyakuten Inamoto, I was reminded of the beauty of this seemingly simple practice of Reiki. I feel that amongst the many benefits it helps with, it is also a way of finding, deepening and balancing our connection with the two realms, the realm we have come from, the realm of oneness; and the realm we live in, the realm of individual body, mind and time. Listening to the description of the Reiki Kanji from a Japanese perspective, something shifted inside me from knowing this to be able to feel it. And I felt a shift in the energy flow inside me when I placed my Reiki hands on my body next.

I continue to marvel at this practice - so much can happen through this simple act of placing our hands on our body, once we learn Reiki. It can still seem too good to be true sometimes.

With deep gratitude to Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Rachel Goldberg & the special guest Hyakuten Inamoto.

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