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Reiki Shares

It can be daunting to offer a Reiki Share for the first time, especially if you have not been to one yourself. Best way to figure out how to run a Reiki Share is to attend one yourself, if possible. Here are some thoughts on how I organise my Reiki Shares…

There are many ways to run a Reiki Share. The way I do them is – I start with welcoming people. We start with a Reiki circle where we hold hands. It does not matter whether we sit or stand. It feels really nice to connect with Reiki, with each other, with the lineage – all through this simple gesture of holding hands together. I ask people to introduce themselves, and say their name, something about themselves. Whatever comes up in the moment is just perfect. It could be where they live, this can help them connect with another person there who lives nearby; what drew them to attend the Share or how they are feeling that day…

Then we do Reiki treatments where everyone gives and receives. If you have a treatment table, you can have everybody take turns to lie on the table and all the other people work together to give the Reiki treatment. It can be a powerful healing experience to receive a treatment from several people at the same time. If you do not have a treatment table, you can do Reiki treatments with people sitting in chairs. People can work together in pairs. I usually keep the chair treatments to 15-20 minutes. And then one can pair up with a different person.

I try and divide the time equally amongst the people attending to make sure that everyone receives a treatment. It is helpful to use a timer to be able to manage time.

After the treatments, we end with holding hands again in a circle to check in with everyone to see how they are feeling and to allow few minutes for any comments or questions.

It feels better to do the treatments in silence, so it is nice to provide some time before or after the Share for people to socialize.

It is good to provide some drinks like water to ensure people are well hydrated. Some light snacks are also good to have in case someone gets very hungry.

I allow about 2 hours for the Reiki Share. I also try to keep it simple so that it is easy and I enjoy it too.

Hope you find this helpful and feel inspired to offer a Reiki Share, especially if there isn’t one in your area. Practising Reiki in a group is so much more healing. Please feel free to post any questions or comments that you may have.

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