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Posted: 31-8-2015 - 2 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ] - 3 TRA members like this
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I posted my first blog entry on The Reiki Association website recently. While posting it, I thought that everyone can write yet very few people share their thoughts or their stories. This made me reflect on my own journey of writing. What used to hold me back from sharing my stories was the thought/fear – is it good enough or would anyone find my sharing useful!

I am very grateful for my Reiki practice and my Reiki community for nurturing my writing ability. I started out with sharing feedback for the Reiki events I attended. Gradually I was encouraged to share my Reiki experiences for the TOUCH magazine. This gave me confidence to start my own blog. Last year I started writing for The Mother Magazine as well.

I know from personal experience that I find it very helpful to read other people’s sharings. Sometimes some thoughts/feelings spark off in ways unanticipated by the author. When I share these realisations/insights they can be surprised or deeply touched.

I feel that there may not be something new in what I am sharing. Perhaps a reader may be able to read/feel something between my words.

Reiki is often taught in the oral tradition. This is the form of Reiki that I have learnt and practise. In the oral tradition, one of the ways we learn is through stories - either our own stories or other people’s.

So I would love to see Reiki stories from mothers, fathers or children. My wish is to make this blog a wonderful resource of Reiki stories for parents looking to Reiki for help in moments of struggle or difficulty.

We learn from our difficulties and struggles. When we are going through a challenge, we are open to receiving some more light strength and wisdom from the Universe. We are most authentic when we speak of our challenges. So please feel free to share all your stories here, stories of joy, or stories of challenges. Questions are also welcome – someone else may have had a similar experience.

You may not be a parent yet, but wishing to have a child. Please do share your stories too. We know that Reiki can help with fertility and conception.

One of the ways our Reiki practice helps us is with strengthening our intuition. Reiki has helped me learn what intuition is, how to honour and nurture it so that it continues to strengthen and help facilitate my life. Intuition can simply be a thought that occurs to us. So if a thought occurs to you of writing something to share, please do honour it and follow up on that guidance from within.

Julia Drawing This may even help us to connect with our inner child when we were not afraid of expressing ourselves. A wonderful four year old helped me see this recently when she agreed to draw a likeness of me at my request and shared it with me very willingly.

This was at a picnic that I had offered for my Reiki family on August 8th. At that picnic, one of the Reiki students asked people to share their Reiki stories. It was a delight to hear people's stories, each story had a gem that I had not heard before, that could help another person facing a similar challenge. With gratitude to Charlotte for asking people to share their Reiki stories and to Julia for this beautifully inspiring drawing and all the poeple who came to the picnic and helped inspire this blog post.

Thank you Dr Usui for the gift of Reiki practice. I was at a Zen Brushwork rereat on the 15th August - I will share the story of that experience another time. So we celebrated Dr. Usui's 150th Birthday on the 8th August. It feels like he was helping facilitate this gift of Reiki stories, loosening the hold our fears can have on us being able to share our experiences.

I am setting the ball rolling by sharing my Reiki story from my website. 

While you are on my website you may also like to see the blog posts there for Mothers, pregnancy and children or testimonials from some mothers

Looking forward to the Reiki workshop for Mothers on Sep 20th for this and more. Each time we get together, the group energy helps us all to move forward.

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