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What does your heart long for?

Whenever I came across this question, I used to struggle to answer. I suffer from asthma. I had been struggling to breathe, in the last few years, since my parents passed away. So, I started to feel that my heart longs to be able to breathe with ease.

I have been able to breathe with ease for the last couple of months now. Perhaps the realisation of welcoming the new with each in-breath, healing and reconciling with the old with the out-breath, helped bring about this change. Perhaps there are more gifts to be revealed with the breath.

Now that I am able to breathe, the question came up again. What does my heart long for now?

At the Reiki Share on August 15th, Mikao Usui’s birthday, in the opening circle, while holding hands, we connected consciously with our heart and hands.

In the closing circle, after the shared Reiki treatments, one of the students asked if we could chant ‘Yum’, the seed sound for the heart chakra from the Vedic tradition. There was such beautiful heart centred energy in the room, that we went with the flow and together, as a group, we chanted ‘yum’ three times.

The next day, I happened to be reflecting on listening/hearing, when I realised that yes, I can struggle with listening to my body as well as the heart.

It was the day after, resting in Savasana, with my Reiki hands on my body, that I realised – my heart longs for me to be present in the body, and feel at ease in the body; my heart longs for me to love and care for myself and other people in my life, my heart longs for me to feel I belong. My heart longs for me to listen to it. It is through listening to the heart that I can become conscious of my heart’s desires. And this consciousness can help manifest them too.

There was more heart centred consciousness yet to come. The day after, I remembered Usui’s teaching about the Reiki Principles was to hold them in our heart. I felt that with more than 18 years of daily Reiki practice, the Principles have been going deeper and deeper into my heart. In that moment it seemed as if my heart longs for me to be able to live in alignment with the Principles. It felt as if ‘Just for today’ my heart was longing for me to not worry, to not anger, to honour my parents, teachers and elders, to earn my living honestly, with integrity and authenticity, while showing gratitude to every living thing.

I trust that the answer to ‘how’ to live this - will come with continued daily practice, at the right time when I am able to receive it. For the moment I feel content with the full moon shining light of awareness on what my heart longs for. I feel grateful for being able to listen to my heart.

Feeling very grateful for having Reiki and Yoga in my life. Deep gratitude to Mikao Usui, and all my teachers. Deep gratitude to all the people who came to the Reiki Share and have walked on this life’s path with me.

I like Astrology because it helps me synchronise with what the Universe is facilitating. August 15th was a full moon. This full moon was on Leo Aquarius axis. The other full moon this year, on the same axis was in January. It was on the full moon in January that I had realised Usui’s birthday this year was on a full moon. It was in January that I had decided to offer a Reiki Share on Usui’s birthday. Feeling really glad that I listened to this inner prompt and acted on it too.

August 15th happens to be India’s Independence Day too. A wish that arose that days was to be free of what still keeps me imprisoned. Being able to listen to the heart feels immensely liberating.

Please do listen to your heart, ask yourself ‘what does my heart long for?’, next time you are giving yourself a Reiki self-treatment, or meditating or practising Yoga or another spiritual practice.

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Reiki Shares

It can be daunting to offer a Reiki Share for the first time, especially if you have not been to one yourself. Best way to figure out how to run a Reiki Share is to attend one yourself, if possible. Here are some thoughts on how I organise my Reiki Shares…

There are many ways to run a Reiki Share. The way I do them is – I start with welcoming people. We start with a Reiki circle where we hold hands. It does not matter whether we sit or stand. It feels really nice to connect with Reiki, with each other, with the lineage – all through this simple gesture of holding hands together. I ask people to introduce themselves, and say their name, something about themselves. Whatever comes up in the moment is just perfect. It could be where they live, this can help them connect with another person there who lives nearby; what drew them to attend the Share or how they are feeling that day…

Then we do Reiki treatments where everyone gives and receives. If you have a treatment table, you can have everybody take turns to lie on the table and all the other people work together to give the Reiki treatment. It can be a powerful healing experience to receive a treatment from several people at the same time. If you do not have a treatment table, you can do Reiki treatments with people sitting in chairs. People can work together in pairs. I usually keep the chair treatments to 15-20 minutes. And then one can pair up with a different person.

I try and divide the time equally amongst the people attending to make sure that everyone receives a treatment. It is helpful to use a timer to be able to manage time.

After the treatments, we end with holding hands again in a circle to check in with everyone to see how they are feeling and to allow few minutes for any comments or questions.

It feels better to do the treatments in silence, so it is nice to provide some time before or after the Share for people to socialize.

It is good to provide some drinks like water to ensure people are well hydrated. Some light snacks are also good to have in case someone gets very hungry.

I allow about 2 hours for the Reiki Share. I also try to keep it simple so that it is easy and I enjoy it too.

Hope you find this helpful and feel inspired to offer a Reiki Share, especially if there isn’t one in your area. Practising Reiki in a group is so much more healing. Please feel free to post any questions or comments that you may have.

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While listening to the webinar with Phyllis Lei Furumoto and her guest, Hyakuten Inamoto, I was reminded of the beauty of this seemingly simple practice of Reiki. I feel that amongst the many benefits it helps with, it is also a way of finding, deepening and balancing our connection with the two realms, the realm we have come from, the realm of oneness; and the realm we live in, the realm of individual body, mind and time. Listening to the description of the Reiki Kanji from a Japanese perspective, something shifted inside me from knowing this to be able to feel it. And I felt a shift in the energy flow inside me when I placed my Reiki hands on my body next.

I continue to marvel at this practice - so much can happen through this simple act of placing our hands on our body, once we learn Reiki. It can still seem too good to be true sometimes.

With deep gratitude to Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Rachel Goldberg & the special guest Hyakuten Inamoto.

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I posted my first blog entry on The Reiki Association website recently. While posting it, I thought that everyone can write yet very few people share their thoughts or their stories. This made me reflect on my own journey of writing. What used to hold me back from sharing my stories was the thought/fear – is it good enough or would anyone find my sharing useful!

I am very grateful for my Reiki practice and my Reiki community for nurturing my writing ability. I started out with sharing feedback for the Reiki events I attended. Gradually I was encouraged to share my Reiki experiences for the TOUCH magazine. This gave me confidence to start my own blog. Last year I started writing for The Mother Magazine as well.

I know from personal experience that I find it very helpful to read other people’s sharings. Sometimes some thoughts/feelings spark off in ways unanticipated by the author. When I share these realisations/insights they can be surprised or deeply touched.

I feel that there may not be something new in what I am sharing. Perhaps a reader may be able to read/feel something between my words.

Reiki is often taught in the oral tradition. This is the form of Reiki that I have learnt and practise. In the oral tradition, one of the ways we learn is through stories - either our own stories or other people’s.

So I would love to see Reiki stories from mothers, fathers or children. My wish is to make this blog a wonderful resource of Reiki stories for parents looking to Reiki for help in moments of struggle or difficulty.

We learn from our difficulties and struggles. When we are going through a challenge, we are open to receiving some more light strength and wisdom from the Universe. We are most authentic when we speak of our challenges. So please feel free to share all your stories here, stories of joy, or stories of challenges. Questions are also welcome – someone else may have had a similar experience.

You may not be a parent yet, but wishing to have a child. Please do share your stories too. We know that Reiki can help with fertility and conception.

One of the ways our Reiki practice helps us is with strengthening our intuition. Reiki has helped me learn what intuition is, how to honour and nurture it so that it continues to strengthen and help facilitate my life. Intuition can simply be a thought that occurs to us. So if a thought occurs to you of writing something to share, please do honour it and follow up on that guidance from within.

Julia Drawing This may even help us to connect with our inner child when we were not afraid of expressing ourselves. A wonderful four year old helped me see this recently when she agreed to draw a likeness of me at my request and shared it with me very willingly.

This was at a picnic that I had offered for my Reiki family on August 8th. At that picnic, one of the Reiki students asked people to share their Reiki stories. It was a delight to hear people's stories, each story had a gem that I had not heard before, that could help another person facing a similar challenge. With gratitude to Charlotte for asking people to share their Reiki stories and to Julia for this beautifully inspiring drawing and all the poeple who came to the picnic and helped inspire this blog post.

Thank you Dr Usui for the gift of Reiki practice. I was at a Zen Brushwork rereat on the 15th August - I will share the story of that experience another time. So we celebrated Dr. Usui's 150th Birthday on the 8th August. It feels like he was helping facilitate this gift of Reiki stories, loosening the hold our fears can have on us being able to share our experiences.

I am setting the ball rolling by sharing my Reiki story from my website. 

While you are on my website you may also like to see the blog posts there for Mothers, pregnancy and children or testimonials from some mothers

Looking forward to the Reiki workshop for Mothers on Sep 20th for this and more. Each time we get together, the group energy helps us all to move forward.

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Soul Painting

I am grateful to be a mother. I am grateful simply for being part of this amazing process of creation. I am grateful – not just for having my wonderful children, their health and wellbeing, the love and joy they bring into my life – but for all that motherhood entails – the emotions, the challenges, the changes, the responsibility, the demands on my time, the sleepless nights ....

Gratitude invokes grace for all that I need to live my life with peace, joy, love, acceptance, health and abundance.

Trusting that however the life experience turns out to be is what my soul needs. This helps me to accept what is happening. And acceptance helps bring transformation and peace.

Feeling acceptance and gratitude is not always easy. It can be especially difficult when I am suffering or the people I love are suffering. I trust that our Reiki practice and the group energy can help us to move forward when we get together for a Reiki circle or a workshop.

I am looking forward to the Reiki workshop for Mothers on Sep 20th for this and more.

Gratitude to Mikao Usui for the gift of Reiki and for the Reiki Principles. Especially the fifth one ‘Show gratitude to every living thing’ which inspired me to do the 21 day ‘Manifesting grace through gratitude’ meditation offered by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey that helped bring forth this understanding.

Thanks to Patricia Gidney for the beautiful painting.


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