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Dear Members

Thank you for receiving our invitation for the online/remote Reiki Share so warmly. Your response nourishes us deeply to be able to make more such offerings.

The Reiki Shares will take place at 2 pm every Wednesday in May 2020. Duration of the Share will be one hour.

Here is what we will be doing during the Reiki Share. This sharing is to support the members who would be joining us without being online using Zoom.

We will start with an opening circle – to center ourselves, be present as best as is possible, bringing the whole of ourselves to the Share. You may find it helpful to bring awareness to the breath, to the whole body, connect consciously with Reiki, and with your Reiki teachers, and with all the other members who are joining us for the Reiki Share.

We will self treat for 40 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for each position. There are many ways to do the self treatment. Please follow the method you have learnt from your Reiki Master.

After the self treatment, we will invite people to share their experience. We will finish with a closing circle thanking Reiki, our teachers and all the people who have joined us for the Reiki Share.

We invite you to share any feedback you may have from your experiencein the comments below. Your sharing may inspire someone else. Or it may help you make connections with other members. Hearing someone else’s experience may help you remember something from your own experience. It is so good to share, especially at this time when we cannot be together in-person.

We are really looking forward to being together in Reiki with you, in this deeply nourishing energy field that is created simply through your presence. This energy field can feel quite sacred where we can receive the light, strength and wisdom needed to regain our own wholeness and the wholeness of life.

Thank you for being with us in this circle.


The Reiki Association Council

Mamta, William, Gillian, Narkess, Claire


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Would you like to hold a Reiki Share in this current situation, when we are not able to visit each other? Perhaps you would like to find out how some other people are managing their Reiki Shares.

Perhaps you have been holding remote Reiki Share already. You might like to share your experience in the comments below.

There are many ways to hold a Reiki Share remotely. You can either do the share online with virtual meeting software like Zoom, or it can be done beautifully without being online.

Here is one suggestion for doing it without being online:
“The sharing group was contacted by email or phone and a set time was agreed. About 10 mins before the agreed time I lit a candle and sat in Reiki to create an energetic circle and visualised the sharing group holding hands in this circle. I said the names of each in the sharing group and sent Reiki for the self treatments that followed to be for our highest and greatest good.  The group then self treated for the appointed amount of time.

We had agreed a basic format for a 30 minute self treatment, 5 minutes in each of the following positions - eyes, side of the head, back of the head, heart, solar plexus and just below the navel, so six positions in all, this added to the sense of synchronicity, but was only a guide. Participants could treat whatever needed treating in the way that they would usually treat themselves.   At the end of the 30 minutes each of us bowed with our hands in the prayer/gasho position to signify the end of the share and a way of honoring the presence of each other. It was a very beautiful experience for us all.”

Here is a sharing of a 90 minute Reiki Share offered using Zoom software:
“I guided the participants through an opening circle, connecting with our body, with the lineage, and with Reiki. This took about 5-10minutes.

Then I invited them to introduce themselves, sharing where they live, how they were feeling, what they were finding helpful at this time, etc. This took about 20-30 minutes. Being able to see and hear each other was very well received.

Then I invited them to do a self treatment together, in a comfortable position – either seated or lying down. I guided them through the self treatment, inviting them to move at their own pace, listening to my voice if they wished to, or not. We did this for about half an hour.

After this we shared our experience of self treating together – although remotely, and the feedback was amazing. I invited questions, if any, in this closing circle, which took about 15 minutes. And we finished with gratitude. It was especially gratifying to hear requests for more such gatherings during this time.

My learning from this first offering is to keep it simple.”

Another suggestion is to include any feedback received from people unable to attend the Share, but wanting the group to know how they are, in the opening/closing circle.

We invite you to share your experience of holding Reiki Shares remotely and help enrich offerings to the community. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

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Frank Coppieters, Reiki Master, Intutive counselor and Shaman, shares inspired guidance messages received in meditation. Here is a message about Reiki that came through as part of a Reiki Master initiation.

© Living Light Center (Frank Coppieters)
September 26, 2019
(permission to share is always granted)

Reiki is a blessing for the planet and for humanity.
Also for the animals and for the totality of the biosphere.
Reiki is a living entity developing organically through the dedication of its lineage and its practitioners.
Reiki is silence and deep prayer.
Reiki takes care.
It honors and sometimes incorporates other spiritual practices.
As a healing force it is based on universal love and unity consciousness.
The self-treatment gives a big boost to your immune system.
It replaces scarcity by abundance.
In these times of quickening Reiki helps to transform, to steady and to protect.
During the practice of Reiki the sacred manifests
as divine feminine and divine masculine.
More than ever the planet and its inhabitants are hungry for this manifestation.
Each Reiki initiation is a miracle of cosmic dispensation.

If you would like to receive the inspired guidance messages regularly through email, you can contact Frank Coppieters through his website. You can also join the live transmission of the guidance on-line through the Reiki Home.

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It was very heart warming to see so many people gather together from many different parts of the world, across many different time zones, for the October 2019 webinar dedicated to remembering Wanja Twan. The emotion during the webinar was palpable. The joy, the gratitude in the sharings, for Wanja’s life, for how she touched the lives of so many of us, for the impact her life had on ours was amazing.

It was a delight to hear mystical and legendary stories of her life, her time bending/stretching abilities, how she managed to use this amazing ability in her everyday life, to navigate life with more ease. Apparently she had some mystical abilities from before she learnt Reiki. Wanja was a master weaver. It was amazing to hear that she could feel colours in the wool through her hands.

There were several stories about the heart. It was very moving to hear how she touched people’s hearts, and inspired people to trust and believe in themselves.

It was a relief to hear that I was not the only one who could not always relate to what she said, but it was great to just be with her.

It was wonderful to hear from some people who had never met her, that they got a sense of knowing her from listening to the stories shared during the webinar.

We can continue the process of learning from her in many ways. Reading her books can be incredibly healing and inspiring. The books can be purchased through the Facebook page – Reiki Books by Wanja Twan. Listening to Wanja’s voice can also be very powerful. There are some delightful videos on this page of Wanja talking about her books. There is also the Reiki Talk Show interview that Phyllis Lei Furumoto recorded in December 2008 with Wanja. It feels particularly poignant to listen to the love and joy in the voices of both these amazing women at this time, the year in which both of them left this realm. It is a joy to listen to them talk about Reiki, sharing memories of their Reiki Master Hawayo Takata and their time together in the early 80s.

In words from her family – “Wanja’s passing was a joyous and peaceful celebration, with family and pets by her side”. There is a beautiful sharing about her very rich and full life in the obituary from her family.

Some of Wanja’s quotes that became quite popular over the years – “We are always together and sometimes we meet”, “Anything is possible”, “Expect the unexpected”….

With deep gratitude to all the people who joined the webinar to help bring forth the stories and the healing needed at this time of her passing.

With deep gratitude for Wanja’s life. Thank you Wanja for valuing Reiki enough in your own life to want to pass it on to others.

Please continue to share your memories of Wanja in the comments below.

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In the past two years the national Reiki Council, the governing body in the UK, have been revising the proposed guidelines for Masters wishing to train their students for professional Reiki practice as set out in the CNHC core curriculum. CNHC is an accredited register.                    
Prior learning will be recognised for masters who can evidence having ten or more years active teaching experience, especially if they have not undertaken any formal teacher training. This means that your Reiki Two students would be able to take this training with you to become a competent professional practitioner and have the option to not continue further to master or teacher training level, unless really called to do this at a later date.
The main criteria for the Course providing Masters will be:

  • They are CNHC registered themselves
  • They are familiar with the CNHC updated Code of Ethics.
  • They will preferably have a basic teaching certificate for adult education (Level One)
  • They will be willing to provide a course outline (syllabus) covering the CNHC core curriculum, mapping to the national occupational standards (NOS) designed for Reiki Level Two students and Masters who wish to work in clinical, hospice or other public settings. Corporate treatments are becoming ever more popular for example.

If you plan to offer this Professional Reiki Practitioner training to your students, we encourage you to take a course at your local adult education centre for a basic teacher training certificate, (12 weeks). This will help you map the core curriculum and learn about how to use effective teaching aids including additional modules which you may find on-line. Experienced teachers will also be offered other pathways initially based on evidence of prior learning.
Although Reiki Level One and Level Two are required for students wanting to do professional Reiki practice training, students can start the course at Level One but will need to have taken Reiki Two to complete their training. There will be no assessment of the Level One and Level Two part of the teaching as long as you can present an outline of what you have taught at each level.

Course providers will need to provide students with their full lineage details. We suggest that all masters give their lineage details to students when they complete their Reiki One class.
Please contact me if you would like further information. The overall cost of having your professional course assessed will be approx. £450.00
So what do you get in return?

  1. Once your course is approved, you will be able to fast-track your own students to CNHC should they choose to register, once they have completed the course to your satisfaction.
  2. Your courses, like our verified practitioners will be listed on our website for free. You can also be listed as a course provider on the CNHC website, and on the Reiki Council website.
  3. We are getting numerous queries from the public and various clinics looking for approved teachers for professional practitioners.
  4. You will receive Certificates from us and the national Reiki Council and the use of specially designed logos.
  5. Balens apply no extra charge for teachers to be fully insured on the discounted block scheme which all members are entitled to join, if you contact them and quote your membership number.
  6. Your training course will be assessed to level three, by experienced masters and teachers. Both the Reiki Council and the Reiki Association aim to support you in this process. The Assessors will be picked and trained from a pool of experts put forward by the member organisations to the Reiki Council, and will recognise and honour all styles of Reiki. 
  7. No site visits will be required.
  8. Once your course is approved, you will be responsible for your personal CPD (continual professional development) and there will be a three yearly review to ensure standards are maintained and that you have integrated any updates on legal requirements such as GDPR.

Please contact me for further information and to put your name on the list for the launch of this new initiative.

Membership and Administrative Secretary

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In May 2019, Connecting Reiki with Medicine (CRWM) organised a memorial circle to honour the day that Phyllis Lei Furumoto was meant to teach a workshop at St George’s Hospital – ‘Dying for beginners’. Sitting in the circle, while the group was remembering Phyllis’s visit to the hospital in October 2018, it seemed as if Phyllis was able to see the potential of this project focussed not just on connecting but integrating Reiki with Medicine. She made a special visit to London in October 2018, to visit St George’s and meet the CRWM team.

Through her visit she seemed to be helping shine the light of awareness on this project. It felt as if she was helping us see it and support it as a community to help strengthen the presence of Reiki, by gathering evidence for Reiki, with the help of world class research facilities available at St George’s hospital. We hope that with support from the Reiki community, a credible evidence base will emerge for Reiki, just as there is for mindfulness, meditation, Yoga, and other modalities; so that Reiki can be accepted and offered through the mainstream.

Can you imagine the state of health and wellbeing if Reiki was available on NHS to everyone, not just a few people who are suffering from a serious health condition! This was one of Hawayo Takata’s wishes too – for Reiki to be as easily available as aspirin. Perhaps Phyllis is continuing to work with her grandmother to help manifest this.

Phyllis had this amazing ability to see the potential in people and situations. It was not and still is not always easy to be able to manifest it in linear time. Support and help from all Reiki students is needed to help manifest this. You can either donate money to CRWM, or give your time - send Reiki to support the project and help manifest it. Please contact Feona Gray for more information about the project, she is one of the founders of this initiative.

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The Reiki Association would like to honour Dr. Mikao Usui’s birthday on August 15th, by inviting you to host or join a Reiki Share near you. You do not have to be in the UK to offer a Reiki Share on this day. Please feel free to gather your Reiki community and be in Reiki together, to express gratitude for our Reiki practice that we have thanks to Dr. Usui.

It really feels as if we are being supported at this time with a full moon on August 15th. It can be a good time to be together with others in a healing circle and express gratitude for the beauty in our lives that may be more easily visible in the bright light of the full moon. This Full moon feels significant as it will be the first Full Moon after the eclipses in July. You could organise a picnic as well on this full moon.

If you are hosting a Reiki Share, you might like to light a candle and hold stillness and silence for a brief while.

If you are able to offer a Reiki Share on August 15th, please post the information about your Reiki Share in the comments below. Please include the time, venue, your contact info so that people can get in touch with you, to let you know if they are attending, or if they have any questions.  

If you have any questions and/or if you need support with offering a Reiki Share or finding one, please email or contact Tripuri Dunne, our wonderful membership secretary. She has years of experience of organising Reiki Shares and is very supportive and inspiring.

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Phyllis was the lineage bearer for Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho. Her Birthday was on August 22nd, exactly one week after Mikao Usui’s birthday.

She may or may not be in your Reiki initiation lineage, you may or may not have met her, but you may honour her as the spiritual lineage bearer.

The Reiki Association would like to invite you to join a Reiki Share near you to honour Phyllis and strengthen your connection with the Spiritual Lineage. If there isn’t a Reiki Share happening near you, please consider offering one. If Reiki Share feels daunting, how about offering a picnic in a park nearby, to be in Reiki with Reiki students in your area.

Phyllis loved gathering people, sharing good food, music and laughter. Share some Reiki stories, some food, some music perhaps with fun and laughter. If you are hosting a Reiki Share, you might like to light a candle and hold stillness and silence for a brief while.

If you are able to offer a Reiki Share on August 22nd, please post the information about your Reiki Share in the comments below. Please include the time, venue, your contact info so that people can get in touch with you, to let you know if they are attending, or if they have any questions.  

If you have any questions and/or if you need support with offering a Reiki Share or finding one, please email or contact Tripuri Dunne, our wonderful membership secretary. She has years of experience of organising Reiki Shares and is very supportive and inspiring.

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The April 2019 webinar was cancelled as a mark of respect for Phyllis Lei Furumoto. The webinar in May 2019 was offered as a tribute to honour Phyllis.

With so much emotion in the Global Reiki community, TRA Council decided to open up the May webinar to non members on this occasion. You may be aware that usually, TRA webinars are for TRA members only. It was very heart warming to see more than 80 people join us for this webinar, from many different parts of the world, across various time zones.

Our dedicated webinar team helped create a wonderfully healing virtual circle across the globe. They put together a beautiful slide show that was full of memories for so many people around the globe as Phyllis had the gift of connecting with everybody she worked with. Joyce Winnough, Phyllis’s partner also shared a slide show of photographs with us. If you would like a recording of the webinar it is available on the webinars page.

We are very aware that only a few people got to share during the limited time of the webinar. If you would like to share some memories of your time with Phyllis, we have created a page on our website to honour Phyllis. There are some heartwarming sharings there already.

Please feel free to share here how the webinar felt for you.


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The Summer is finally drawing to a close and the first event of the Autumn is the Takata archives which are being held in Birmingham. These were originally shown in London in the Spring and are a fascinating insight into Hawayo Takata and her journey into bringing Reiki to the West in the 1930’s. There are still places left so book now.

Council is supporting the St George’s project, and now there is another chance for Reiki practitioners to become involved with the NHS. The project is for the North London Hospice and if you are interested in helping there are details on my page once you have logged in.

This month’s webinar is about setting fees for Reiki treatments and is a thorny issue for most practitioners. If you have any thoughts or comments on this subject, head on over to the forum and join in with the debate.

Diary dates:

Webinar 2nd October - Setting Fees for Reiki Treatments with Kate Jones.

Webinar 6th November - "Following a tragedy - Bringing Reiki to the frontline " with Georgina Hood.

Council meeting 6th to 8th November 2018

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